Lifestyle Changes

Feb 16, 2010

I went to the lifestyle changes class last night and it seemed like she just went over everything i had already gone over with the Nurse but i'm happy to keep hearing it - maybe i'll be brainwashed :)

I started today with a light yogurt and some low fat cottage cheese, surprisingly i have always like yogurt and cottage cheese stirred together and it makes for a good carb/protien mix. I think i'm eating ok but i have having great trouble being motivated back into exercise. I went back to the wii fit today and it shamed me .. according to it i've gained 11 pounds since the last time i used it  - This is what i've done for 30 years ... be all excited about losing wieght - take off 30 or 40 pds then turn right around and gain it back ..  So far i haven't gained all the way back to my 272 high weight but i'm heading that way fast if i don't get it together -

I must drag my lazy ass out and WALK .. hopefully the weather will cooperate and i'll take a mile walk this evening ...


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