Well my story goes something like this. I've pretty much been over weight all my life, as being overweight runs in both sides of my family. But after my last  child in 1995 it seams that no matter what i do....i cant lose weight!! I've seen the ads on T.V. about WLS but it wasn't until a friend's wife had it done, and i seen the results first hand. It made me look into it more. I actually made a appointment for the Seminar in Sept. 05, but i chickened out after i learned of all the possible side-effects there were.
Then a month later i met someone that had attended  the same Seminar and was going to have his surgry on the last day of December. Well to get to the point, i seen the pounds literly melt off of him and i decided that i wasn't going to chicken out this time!!  You see i've never really had any health problems although, i have had alot of Back Problems. These days it seems there isn't a Day my Back don't hurt!!   Well this summer i was diagnosed with High Blooded Pressure.So i know i have to get control of my weight before it's too late! Can't wait to  feel like my old self again.

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