Apr 07, 2009

Well im feeling alot better. Im still off work due to the Hems. But  I feel 100%.
I have my appetite back and I have seen the nut. He says that its not to late to get back on track.
taking my vitamins correctly and getting in my protein.<------- really hard for me.
he wants me to do 3-4 oz of meat 3 times a day.....that sounds so easy to say but BOI am i having
a hard time getting it down. If it isnt steak I really have a hard time getting it down.
I cant do any milk and def sick of eggs...But im trying to figure it out

Decided that since I am off I would go to the chriopracter and get adjusted.. He told me that many
Beariatric patients have back problems becouse their center of gravitiy has changed so quickley it puts strein
on our back. it felt so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood to crack the bones in my back and get a great deep message.

So i had to go to my trustees to ask for help with my rent. They denied me. WHAT??? I have never asked help for nothig
from any organization i was so upset that they wouldnt help m e. becouse everysingle dime of m y income tax didnt go to
bills. Most of it did and I never exspected to be out of work for a month back in January. You have to be dirt poor and absolutly nothing owned to get help. How can you hold somthing done in Jan against me when it was an emergancy lay off in March?? So im really mad about that. Thank God I have great friends and family who where willing to help me. it really pays to always keep your word and be honest  with people becouse they will be their for you in your time of need.  But I am ready to go back to work..

OK going to go eat some meat.....lolo


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