My name is Donna, I am a Brooklyn NY Native and I have been living in the Atlanta, Georgia area for the past 12 years.  I am happily married to a wonderful man that loves me to death, and we have five children (AGES:  28-girl, 23-girl, 18-boy, 17-boy & 15-girl) and two grandsons (11 & 3).

While growing up I was always considered thick thighs, but I was never overweight.  It was not until I married and began having children, when things began to change in my body.  Being as they call "Bold & Beautiful" -- "Large & In Charge", I maintained a steady weight increase from size 10 to size 26 and almost 28 between the age of 19 - 40 and continued on and on as birthdays rolled by and the added weight truly began to depress me.  For the past 25 years, I have suffered weight loss and weight gain ... up and down like a seesaw, nothing ever was stable, my highest weight hit 307lbs -- when I saw those digits on the scale I said to myself, I am weighing the size of a MAN ... OMG.  Iv'e tried everything from Weight Watchers, Atkins, SouthBeach, Phen tablets and high protien diets, nothing ever maintained.  Now that I am in my mid 40's there are health factors that I am looking at, being a type 2 diabetic, a little bit of high blood pressure and chloresterol issues.  Also lately, my circulation is being effected, and I do want to keep all of my god given limbs.   I knew that within myself that if I want to be around to see my grandboys grow up ... then I need to take charge of my health and my life.

The one thing that I will admit, no matter what size I have been or currently am, I try to maintain my self esteem.  I do not look at myself as a pretty girl, but I feel that I am an attractive girl, and my personality makes me "Bold and Beautiful".  I just cannot stand not being able to go into Macy's and just grab a shirt or pair of pants.  I have to make sure that my body can fit properly into the clothing that I try on.  Oh Yes, did I say Try On -- I hate doing that, because if it does not fit, then I come out of the dressing room ready to put stuff back, or leave the stuff there and come out empty handed.

I want to be able to fit into a bathing suit ... and smile, not look like one of the "Boost Mobile Characters" ;-). 

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