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Apr 05, 2010

Good Day to all of my OH Friends.  Thanks to all that sent me quick messages to check on me.  I am still here and doing quite well.  Just been a little busy with work, life and stuff.

Well, just to give you all a quick update, I am almost 3 mos. out, and I am hanging in here, pounds and inches are falling off moderately, which I do not mind because rapid, rapid loss at my age would mean that I will have a whole lot of sag hanging around.  To date I have lost 60lbs, and gone down from size 24 to 16/18 in bottoms and 14/16 in tops, I actually put on a Large shell top, and could not believe that it fit ... oh how lovely!  I am still going to the gym, not like I am supposed to, but will get back on track.  I have my LA Fitness and a free gym at my job, so I have no excuses of not being dedicated ... other than my pure laziness (yes I can admit to my flaws.

I am still not eating all of the things that I used to eat and staying totally away from that evil thing called SUGAR!  I adapted quite well to sugar free foods, and now that it is getting warmer, I am going to enjoy all of the grilled food that I can think of preparing.  Getting ready for Memorial Day ... I already know that I will be staying away from Potatoe Salad, Macaroni Salad and BBQ Sauce (already know the after effects of BBQ Sauce -- bad, bad thing).  So cole slaw will be the only thing that I try, along with grilled fish, shrimp and chicken.

The only thing that I am still suffering from is my feet have not stopped hurting.  They do not hurt as bad as before, but they are still tender and sometimes I get shooting pains in my feet.  If anyone out there in OH world suffers from the same and has a remedy of helpling ease the pain ... please share.

Thanks for taking time out to read, gotta run ... but will be in touch soon.

Donna aka "Sweets247" All the Time!

Feeling Good

Feb 21, 2010

Good morning OH Fam ... Happy Monday.  This morning I am feeling is such good spirits that I just had to write a quick note to share .

I got on the scale this morning and I am finally out of the 250lb category - weighed in at 240lbs, I have not seen anything that low in the 200's in almost 10 years,  It really felt GREAT.  Also this weekend I was in the mall looking for a birthday present for my hubby, and I passed Lane Bryant -- well they were having a clearance sale, and I purchased a blouse for work - I had to get a 14/16!  I have been wearing 24/26's for years and I would have never thought about wearing a 14/16 and it fit with a hang to it (no buttons popping open), so it was a true fit!  As for my bottoms, I am almost in an 18 from a size 24 and once upon a time 26 & 28's (I will have to pull those pic's out for you).  My face, neck, waist, arms and legs are defining to where my weight loss is immediately noticed, bra and panty sizes are going down and they fit so much better, the only thing that has not shrunk have been my feet, they have gotten narrower but not smaller ... I guess I just have BIG feet and I will have to live with them .

I am being faithful with my exercise, I purchased a softer sneaker for when I take my Hip Hop classes, and weights and my Fit Ball for home when I am on break during the weekends.  My husband has now agreed to go to the Gym with me, because he says that he does see results and it has him thinking (wonder, wonder).

So, before I close, to recap on my Transitioning Journey -- since my surgery -- I feel a hella-of-alot better, I can walk more without pain, I can bend better, my breathing is so much better, sex is better (it is a wonderful thing to share ... right?!, and my husband is getting his exercise chasing me around the house ... lol) I am not taking any med's for my prior conditions, I am laughing more, I am attracting more people -- even to the respect of having elevator doors wait for me ... no matter how long it takes me to get to the doors (haha), I have gained more self control and discipline about what I eat, how I eat, when to eat and of course ... where NOT to eat!  I read on someone's OH blog ... that the key factor is for YOU TO WORK YOUR POUCH ... DON'T LET YOUR POUCH WORK YOU!  I thank my surgeons each and every day that I wake up, jumping out of bed ready for my day of what-ever, and then thank them before I turn in at night ... knowing that I will have a restful sleep - without my feet aching with stabbing pains to where I would just want to cut my feet off to rid the pain.  And most of all I thank God for giving me the strength to make it through surgery without any complications and allow my body to heal with such a wonderful recovery process.

Thanks OH Fam for being there with words of advise through my blog topics and checking on me when you have not heard from me in a while.  Also, thanks for reading and listening to my babble ... have a wonderful day and terrific week.



Stuck & Getting Frustrated

Feb 14, 2010

Good morning OH Fam ... hope that everyone is doing well.  Well, tomorrow will mark 5 weeks since my surgery, since I began my journey (preparation & post-op) I have lost 42lbs.  Over the past two weeks, my scale is acting like it is broken.  My weight keeps fluctuating between 248 - 251.  To my knowledge I am doing everything that I should be doing.  I eat my three meals a day (within 1/2 cup portions), sometimes I forget to eat a snack, but I drinking my volumn of liquids.  I force myself to drink my protein shake first thing in the morning (try to avoid nausea), I take my vitamins and best of all I have began a routine at the Gym, 4 days a week, Mondays and Wednesday I take a 1 hour hip-hop class (that is truly kicking my azz), they have me doing things that my body has not done in years and that my knees keep saying NO, NO, NO to (lol).  I also walk a mile on the treadmill and bike 4-5 miles before the class.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays - I bike and walk and workout on the machines and weights.  I am meeting with a trainer this week.

With all of this hard work and discipline, why isnt my scale moving?  At the beginning I was on a 1-2lb loss a day, now it is like 1lb a week.  My clothes are continuing to get a little larger.  Could my metabolism be off?  Are there certain foods that will burn fat off faster?

Other than this issue, I am doing well.  I do feel better, could use a little more energy, I guess I will get more as time continues.  I sleep better, my husband says that I sleep so quiet now, that he has to check on me to see if I am breathing.

Well, until later ... everyone take care.  I will take my weekly pic by Wednesday and have it posted for all to see.

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Waste Not ... Want Not?!

Feb 04, 2010

Ok ... here is my issue, and please tell me if you are going through the same problem.  I am finding myself wasting stuff, and nothing irritates me more than being wasteful.

Like for instance, I will make a half cup of tea, now how many oz's is a half cup of tea?  I will sip on it for a few hours and then I have to stop drinking it because I need to allow my 30 min. rest time before eating a meal.  So I do not finish my cup. 

I will puree some meat, and I feel that I am only using a little bit of meat, but once you puree it, it multiplies into a bowl of mush, and then I face either one of the two - 1. I am full from the few spoonfuls that was on my plate or after a few days of eating from it, I want something else of variety, so once again, I did not finish what I prepared.  And of course no one in the house want's any of my leftovers (lol).

I need help ... how can I stop wasting food.


Hot Sauce is the Answer

Jan 31, 2010

This weekend I began trying out pureed foods, I blended chicken, brocolli, cauliflower and carrots, had a scrambled egg for breakfast (it was the best tasting thing that I have had in weeks) and applesauce.  Well if the meat does not taste good to the tastebuds -- add a little hot sauce.  It did wonders, I can now believe that I will survive the next four weeks of eating this baby food looking mush.

Other than adjusting to my new food selections, I am doing GREAT!!!  Thank you everyone for checking on me, sending me encouraging words and just being there for be to babble to.  Take Care.

"Protein Shakes" Do Not Like Me

Jan 29, 2010

This morning I tried having a protein shake for breakfast, now before my surgery I enjoyed my shakes every day.  The taste does not bother me and I always felt pretty full after them.  Well, today after a few sips of my shake, my stomach began feeling like I needed to throw up.  And even looking at it caused my stomach to feel ill.  What am I going to do if I cannot tollerate my protein shakes.  I need PROTEIN, to help with my muscle mass and hair!  I am all open for tips and ideas.

Adding to my day of Nausea, nothing is sitting on my stomach properly.  Everything that I tried to put in my mouth wants to come back up.  I feel like I rode an amusement ride for hours without stopping.  I think I am going to go back to my soup and jello, and I will wait until tomorrow to do that.  I guess this is one of those yucky days that the Dr's talked about.


Two Weeks Post Op -- 252lbs

Jan 28, 2010

Hey OH Fam ... I have completed my two week post op term,  and alot has gone on this week.  I returned back to work this past Monday, so far ... so good.  I began my workout sessions last night at LA Fitness and  will meet with a personal trainer on Friday evening.  I visited my surgeon's office today for my 2 week post op eval, and it went very well -- my BMI is below 50% (whoo hoo) I am definately moving in the right direction.  I was so pleased when I got on their scale and it showed how my last visit on December 17, 2009 I weighed 278.5 and today I was at 252.1.  I truly thank Dr. Duncan and Dr. Jean-Pierre for handling my surgery -- so far I LOVE MY RNY!!!  To date I have not suffered any pain or complications, only the soreness in my stomach muscles for about 4 days -- but I guess that tenderness comes with the surgery.

For anyone that is contemplating the surgery -- do not let anyone stand in your way, or try to frighten you.  Having a better life is more than any of us can ask for.  I am even down almost two pant sizes, I will post some pictures by the weekend.

I also found out today that I can upgrade to Pureed Foods, so I can now add blended meats, veggies and mashed potatoes to my meals.  Also I can drink my protein shakes again (for breakfast and lunch), and I can add a scrambled egg to my menu too.  You would think that I would be ready to jump on the meal wagon and begin enjoying food again, but actually I am going to take it slow, try one added food at  a time to make sure that my system will allow it.

So take care everybody and talk with you soon!

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A Quick Holla At My Peeps

Jan 19, 2010

Hey OH Fam ... can I holla at you for a sec?!  Over the past few days I have been talking with folks that have undergone WLS, and to my surprise as I sat and listened to some of their stories, my mouth fell open and questions went through my head.  I am not gonna preach ... but it did disturb me ... so I must speak ... okay!

The reason why I was shocked with questions is because (please correct me if I am wrong).  But, most of us that have undergone WLS have taken time out to think about what the surgery entails, what we have to do to prepare for the surgery, what we have to do after surgery to live our new life successfully.  Over a good period of time, we take time out of our busy schedules to attend seminars, support groups, visit with our surgeons, have Psych evaluations, visit with nutionists and cardiologists, along with extra visits with our PCP.  Submit paperwork to our Health Carriers with hopes of getting approved, and then once approved invest our benefit money along with any out of pocket expenses that we may face to end up doing what ...

With this type of investment is it wise to not follow directions to the program.  Our surgeons have redirected our whole GI system, taken our stomach's and created what we now call a "pouch", so that we can have the opportunity to live a normal and healthy life.  But as mentioned several times -- all our surgeons did was give us a tool to work with.  And in order for us to see successful results, we must follow our program, and that program does not include sucking on a potatoe chip, french fry or chicken wing during your first few weeks of recovery (thinking that if you suck out the juice and spit out the rest it will not hurt you); continuing to drink alcohol, thinking that one drink wont hurt you because it calms your nerves.  Smoking a few cigerettes a day vs half to the whole pack, saying to yourself that one cigerette wont hurt me (because in your mind you have cut down).

When we make up our minds to have WLS, no matter what type, we have to realize that we are taking a big step and a life long one.  We will not be deprived from food for the rest of our lives, we will just make wiser decisions on what we want to put in our mouths.  At the beginning -- we must remember that we must sacrifice -- and from sacrifice will be success.  OH Fam ... Don't start out on the wrong foot by wasting  your investment.


Sip, Sip ... Sip, Sip

Jan 15, 2010

Okay OH Fam Vets ... I am a little confused about this liquid diet thing!  Today I got up and felt pretty good.  I thought to myself what am I going to eat for Breakfast -- so I had some Jello; then I waited before drinking anything.  And then between breakfast and lunch, I did my liquid thing ... sip, sip, sip, sip ... now how in the devil are you supposed to measure time between sipping juice/water to sipping your lunch which consists of "broth", it is liquid too.  Also, if I drink my broth, am I supposed to eat my pop cycle right behind it, or am I to wait about 30 minutes.  Also, they want me to drink atleast 48 oz's of liquids a day!  48 oz's is alot especially when they say that I am now working with a super small pouch.  IM SO CONFUSED!  I need some Veteran insight!

As for my body, I am still feeling pretty good, my navel feels alot better, soreness still there, but not as bad as yesterday or the day before.  My dang arm is still sore as hell from the flu and pnumonia shot that they gave me while in the hospital, I wonder how many days does a shot spot hurt!  I have been moving around alot -- my daughters Sweet 16 is next weekend, and I do not have too much time left.  My surgery kind of pushed its way into my time for the final preparations for her party, but I was not pushing my surgery off.  So each day I will do little by little.  Most of my outside running is just about over.

Is anyone that lives in the Atlanta Area going to the Wellness Seminar tomorrow that Dr. Duncan is conducting?  Below is the information from the invite.  I would love to meet some of you.

Talk to you later, Donna

Invitation Information:
Dear Patient

Please join us at 1:00 our "NEW Bariatric Surgery Seminar."  Highland Athletic Club, 261 Parkway N.E., Atlanta, GA 30312.  This seminar is not only informative, but entertaining as well.  If you are a past bariatric patient, bring a friend, a relative or a loved one.  You won't want to miss this and you won't be disappointed.

There are new things we can do for you.  Dr. Duncan now does cosmetic surgery to remove that excess skin, give you a tummy tuck and lift your breasts back to where they once were.  If you've regained weight or not gotten down to the weight you desire, we have new procedures we can do that don't require additional surgery!

We'll be so excited to see you again.  Bring someone interested in hearing about gastric bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy or the lap band surgery.  If the person you bring signs up to have surgery, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your cosmetic surgery.  Or just come by to get a free facial at our new Buckhead ambulatory surgery center. 

We will also discuss NEW techniques for those of you who have regained a little weight or who have not quite reached your goal weight.  There are procedures we can do to get back on track!  So come and join us and learn about what's so new. Next seminar date is 1/16/2010...Happy New Year from Peachtree Surgical and Bariatrics!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to seeing you,  Staff at Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics


One Day Out

Jan 14, 2010

It is so true OH fam, after your surgery DO NOT LAY IN BED!!!  I had to run some errands, so I got up this morning, and was out of the house about 10:30.  I did not have to lift anything, just run around to a few places,  I got home about 3:30.  As for my body I feel pretty good.  I was with my daughter the whole time, so my recommendation is not go out alone. 

My only distress is a little integestion every now and then, but not severe and my stomach muscles hurt, especially when I cough.  The most uncomfortable feeling so far is my navel, it is the most tender, I guess because that is where they did the most probing. 

I am trying to get used to this eating thing ... I am still on clear liquids.  I eat with a baby spoon, so that I do not take too much in at one time.  Broth, Jello, Ice Pops and Juice have been my main items.  I measure my liquids with a 1 oz shot glass (lol).  I do not want to over eat anything.  Even though I feel like I am not eating anything, I am not hungry.  And I found a way to not get too bored to the Chicken Broth.  Won Ton Soup -- pour off the broth, it is pretty good, and has a different taste of variety.  My family eats the won tons with no problem.

Tonight before bed, I will have a few onces of Herb Tea as a night cap.  I am going to make total fun out of this!

Take care everybody until later.


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