One Day Out

Jan 14, 2010

It is so true OH fam, after your surgery DO NOT LAY IN BED!!!  I had to run some errands, so I got up this morning, and was out of the house about 10:30.  I did not have to lift anything, just run around to a few places,  I got home about 3:30.  As for my body I feel pretty good.  I was with my daughter the whole time, so my recommendation is not go out alone. 

My only distress is a little integestion every now and then, but not severe and my stomach muscles hurt, especially when I cough.  The most uncomfortable feeling so far is my navel, it is the most tender, I guess because that is where they did the most probing. 

I am trying to get used to this eating thing ... I am still on clear liquids.  I eat with a baby spoon, so that I do not take too much in at one time.  Broth, Jello, Ice Pops and Juice have been my main items.  I measure my liquids with a 1 oz shot glass (lol).  I do not want to over eat anything.  Even though I feel like I am not eating anything, I am not hungry.  And I found a way to not get too bored to the Chicken Broth.  Won Ton Soup -- pour off the broth, it is pretty good, and has a different taste of variety.  My family eats the won tons with no problem.

Tonight before bed, I will have a few onces of Herb Tea as a night cap.  I am going to make total fun out of this!

Take care everybody until later.



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