A Quick Holla At My Peeps

Jan 19, 2010

Hey OH Fam ... can I holla at you for a sec?!  Over the past few days I have been talking with folks that have undergone WLS, and to my surprise as I sat and listened to some of their stories, my mouth fell open and questions went through my head.  I am not gonna preach ... but it did disturb me ... so I must speak ... okay!

The reason why I was shocked with questions is because (please correct me if I am wrong).  But, most of us that have undergone WLS have taken time out to think about what the surgery entails, what we have to do to prepare for the surgery, what we have to do after surgery to live our new life successfully.  Over a good period of time, we take time out of our busy schedules to attend seminars, support groups, visit with our surgeons, have Psych evaluations, visit with nutionists and cardiologists, along with extra visits with our PCP.  Submit paperwork to our Health Carriers with hopes of getting approved, and then once approved invest our benefit money along with any out of pocket expenses that we may face to end up doing what ...

With this type of investment is it wise to not follow directions to the program.  Our surgeons have redirected our whole GI system, taken our stomach's and created what we now call a "pouch", so that we can have the opportunity to live a normal and healthy life.  But as mentioned several times -- all our surgeons did was give us a tool to work with.  And in order for us to see successful results, we must follow our program, and that program does not include sucking on a potatoe chip, french fry or chicken wing during your first few weeks of recovery (thinking that if you suck out the juice and spit out the rest it will not hurt you); continuing to drink alcohol, thinking that one drink wont hurt you because it calms your nerves.  Smoking a few cigerettes a day vs half to the whole pack, saying to yourself that one cigerette wont hurt me (because in your mind you have cut down).

When we make up our minds to have WLS, no matter what type, we have to realize that we are taking a big step and a life long one.  We will not be deprived from food for the rest of our lives, we will just make wiser decisions on what we want to put in our mouths.  At the beginning -- we must remember that we must sacrifice -- and from sacrifice will be success.  OH Fam ... Don't start out on the wrong foot by wasting  your investment.



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