Two Weeks Post Op -- 252lbs

Jan 28, 2010

Hey OH Fam ... I have completed my two week post op term,  and alot has gone on this week.  I returned back to work this past Monday, so far ... so good.  I began my workout sessions last night at LA Fitness and  will meet with a personal trainer on Friday evening.  I visited my surgeon's office today for my 2 week post op eval, and it went very well -- my BMI is below 50% (whoo hoo) I am definately moving in the right direction.  I was so pleased when I got on their scale and it showed how my last visit on December 17, 2009 I weighed 278.5 and today I was at 252.1.  I truly thank Dr. Duncan and Dr. Jean-Pierre for handling my surgery -- so far I LOVE MY RNY!!!  To date I have not suffered any pain or complications, only the soreness in my stomach muscles for about 4 days -- but I guess that tenderness comes with the surgery.

For anyone that is contemplating the surgery -- do not let anyone stand in your way, or try to frighten you.  Having a better life is more than any of us can ask for.  I am even down almost two pant sizes, I will post some pictures by the weekend.

I also found out today that I can upgrade to Pureed Foods, so I can now add blended meats, veggies and mashed potatoes to my meals.  Also I can drink my protein shakes again (for breakfast and lunch), and I can add a scrambled egg to my menu too.  You would think that I would be ready to jump on the meal wagon and begin enjoying food again, but actually I am going to take it slow, try one added food at  a time to make sure that my system will allow it.

So take care everybody and talk with you soon!


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