Waste Not ... Want Not?!

Feb 04, 2010

Ok ... here is my issue, and please tell me if you are going through the same problem.  I am finding myself wasting stuff, and nothing irritates me more than being wasteful.

Like for instance, I will make a half cup of tea, now how many oz's is a half cup of tea?  I will sip on it for a few hours and then I have to stop drinking it because I need to allow my 30 min. rest time before eating a meal.  So I do not finish my cup. 

I will puree some meat, and I feel that I am only using a little bit of meat, but once you puree it, it multiplies into a bowl of mush, and then I face either one of the two - 1. I am full from the few spoonfuls that was on my plate or after a few days of eating from it, I want something else of variety, so once again, I did not finish what I prepared.  And of course no one in the house want's any of my leftovers (lol).

I need help ... how can I stop wasting food.



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