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Feb 14, 2010

Good morning OH Fam ... hope that everyone is doing well.  Well, tomorrow will mark 5 weeks since my surgery, since I began my journey (preparation & post-op) I have lost 42lbs.  Over the past two weeks, my scale is acting like it is broken.  My weight keeps fluctuating between 248 - 251.  To my knowledge I am doing everything that I should be doing.  I eat my three meals a day (within 1/2 cup portions), sometimes I forget to eat a snack, but I drinking my volumn of liquids.  I force myself to drink my protein shake first thing in the morning (try to avoid nausea), I take my vitamins and best of all I have began a routine at the Gym, 4 days a week, Mondays and Wednesday I take a 1 hour hip-hop class (that is truly kicking my azz), they have me doing things that my body has not done in years and that my knees keep saying NO, NO, NO to (lol).  I also walk a mile on the treadmill and bike 4-5 miles before the class.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays - I bike and walk and workout on the machines and weights.  I am meeting with a trainer this week.

With all of this hard work and discipline, why isnt my scale moving?  At the beginning I was on a 1-2lb loss a day, now it is like 1lb a week.  My clothes are continuing to get a little larger.  Could my metabolism be off?  Are there certain foods that will burn fat off faster?

Other than this issue, I am doing well.  I do feel better, could use a little more energy, I guess I will get more as time continues.  I sleep better, my husband says that I sleep so quiet now, that he has to check on me to see if I am breathing.

Well, until later ... everyone take care.  I will take my weekly pic by Wednesday and have it posted for all to see.


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