Feeling Good

Feb 21, 2010

Good morning OH Fam ... Happy Monday.  This morning I am feeling is such good spirits that I just had to write a quick note to share .

I got on the scale this morning and I am finally out of the 250lb category - weighed in at 240lbs, I have not seen anything that low in the 200's in almost 10 years,  It really felt GREAT.  Also this weekend I was in the mall looking for a birthday present for my hubby, and I passed Lane Bryant -- well they were having a clearance sale, and I purchased a blouse for work - I had to get a 14/16!  I have been wearing 24/26's for years and I would have never thought about wearing a 14/16 and it fit with a hang to it (no buttons popping open), so it was a true fit!  As for my bottoms, I am almost in an 18 from a size 24 and once upon a time 26 & 28's (I will have to pull those pic's out for you).  My face, neck, waist, arms and legs are defining to where my weight loss is immediately noticed, bra and panty sizes are going down and they fit so much better, the only thing that has not shrunk have been my feet, they have gotten narrower but not smaller ... I guess I just have BIG feet and I will have to live with them .

I am being faithful with my exercise, I purchased a softer sneaker for when I take my Hip Hop classes, and weights and my Fit Ball for home when I am on break during the weekends.  My husband has now agreed to go to the Gym with me, because he says that he does see results and it has him thinking (wonder, wonder).

So, before I close, to recap on my Transitioning Journey -- since my surgery -- I feel a hella-of-alot better, I can walk more without pain, I can bend better, my breathing is so much better, sex is better (it is a wonderful thing to share ... right?!, and my husband is getting his exercise chasing me around the house ... lol) I am not taking any med's for my prior conditions, I am laughing more, I am attracting more people -- even to the respect of having elevator doors wait for me ... no matter how long it takes me to get to the doors (haha), I have gained more self control and discipline about what I eat, how I eat, when to eat and of course ... where NOT to eat!  I read on someone's OH blog ... that the key factor is for YOU TO WORK YOUR POUCH ... DON'T LET YOUR POUCH WORK YOU!  I thank my surgeons each and every day that I wake up, jumping out of bed ready for my day of what-ever, and then thank them before I turn in at night ... knowing that I will have a restful sleep - without my feet aching with stabbing pains to where I would just want to cut my feet off to rid the pain.  And most of all I thank God for giving me the strength to make it through surgery without any complications and allow my body to heal with such a wonderful recovery process.

Thanks OH Fam for being there with words of advise through my blog topics and checking on me when you have not heard from me in a while.  Also, thanks for reading and listening to my babble ... have a wonderful day and terrific week.



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