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Apr 05, 2010

Good Day to all of my OH Friends.  Thanks to all that sent me quick messages to check on me.  I am still here and doing quite well.  Just been a little busy with work, life and stuff.

Well, just to give you all a quick update, I am almost 3 mos. out, and I am hanging in here, pounds and inches are falling off moderately, which I do not mind because rapid, rapid loss at my age would mean that I will have a whole lot of sag hanging around.  To date I have lost 60lbs, and gone down from size 24 to 16/18 in bottoms and 14/16 in tops, I actually put on a Large shell top, and could not believe that it fit ... oh how lovely!  I am still going to the gym, not like I am supposed to, but will get back on track.  I have my LA Fitness and a free gym at my job, so I have no excuses of not being dedicated ... other than my pure laziness (yes I can admit to my flaws.

I am still not eating all of the things that I used to eat and staying totally away from that evil thing called SUGAR!  I adapted quite well to sugar free foods, and now that it is getting warmer, I am going to enjoy all of the grilled food that I can think of preparing.  Getting ready for Memorial Day ... I already know that I will be staying away from Potatoe Salad, Macaroni Salad and BBQ Sauce (already know the after effects of BBQ Sauce -- bad, bad thing).  So cole slaw will be the only thing that I try, along with grilled fish, shrimp and chicken.

The only thing that I am still suffering from is my feet have not stopped hurting.  They do not hurt as bad as before, but they are still tender and sometimes I get shooting pains in my feet.  If anyone out there in OH world suffers from the same and has a remedy of helpling ease the pain ... please share.

Thanks for taking time out to read, gotta run ... but will be in touch soon.

Donna aka "Sweets247" All the Time!


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