I am a 47 year old woman. I have three children. Both of my sons are on the bigger side. My oldest son, struggles to keep his weight down, I have a daughter that doesn't seem to have the weight problems inherited from my side of the family. Thank God. 

I am at 231 right now, 5'4". I am pretty healthy. No diabetes, apnea or arthritis. I am however, very concerned about my health. Like, most of us here, I have been on diet after diet, hoping to loose the weight, and sometimes I did.... only to gain it back, plus a little bit more. Familiar? 

My mother had 8 brothers and sisters. Out of nine children, only one seems realtively healthy. I had an aunt die when I was little, of cancer. That leaves 7.  All 7 have or have had - some passed away - problems with diabetes. Of those 7, 4 have had kidney failure, and are or have been on dialysis. Two were able to get kidney transplants. Of those two, one passed away when her kidney failed and she did not want to go back on dialysis. My mother, was not eligible for a transplant. I watched the diabetes take away her eyesight. She later lost her foot, eventually she suffered a stroke and passed away a little over three years ago. There are only 4 surviving siblings.

I know nothing of my fathers health history. He died in 1980 of a heart attack. 

I truly believe, that if I continue at the rate I am going, I too will be fighting diabetes and kidney failure. Obviously, I don't want that. 

I went to a support group for people with the gastric bypass and the instructer there said something that really hit home. She said simply, "This surgery could add 15 to 20 years onto your life." I thought about my age, I thought about my mom. I thought, if she had this done at my age, she might still be around today. I thought, I don't want my children to have to think that about me. With all my heart, I want to take care of myself and be here for as long as I can.

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