Things I can't wait to do AFTER WLS
* Ride a Roller Coaster
* Take my kids to a water park
* Buy a pretty bra and matching panties
* Go to a restaurant and not panic when they seat me in a booth DONE - 1/07
* Shop for clothes in a store that does not cater to fuller figured women.  Done - 3/07...Finally shopping in the Misses section.  YAY!!!!
* Wake up in the middle of the night to pee and NOT have to wince at the pain in my heels from all of the excess weight they had to bare during the day. DONE - 1/07
* Sit in one of the chairs at my in-law's dining table that has the arms on it and FIT. DONE - 2/07
* Spend the Old Navy Gift Card that I got for my birthday from my SIL that I have not spent yet because NOTHING IN THE STORE FITS ME!!! (I could spend it on my kids, but it was MY birthday gift)  DONE - 1/07

* Discover that there are more than two different positions when making love with my husband
* Oh, on that note, be able to breathe the whole time that we are making love.  Done - Don't know when this actually happened, but between all of my weight loss and my husbands I CAN BREATHE!!!!  4/07
* I can't wait to go to a fitting room to try something on and have to ask the sales clerk to go get me a SMALLER SIZE!!! DONE - At Old Navy on 4/14/07 I had the clerk go get me a size Large, when I took an XL in the dressing room.  Before this I have taken larger sizes in the dressing room and on my next trip into the dressing room I took smaller sizes, but this time I had the clerk do it.

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