Sep 28, 2018

I have started adding exercise to my regimin. I started with swimming and walking on the tread mill. But some of my old habits started calling me. (not a bad thing lol) I kept getting the urge to run. Last time i inquired about running it was before my surgery and my physical therepist said no cause of my plantar fasciitis. This time i decided to do it anyway, since my feet haven't hurt since my surgery. Unfortunatly after my first day running my feet started hurting again. So hubby said lets buy good running shoes. $130 later I walked (ran) away with a good set of running shoes to help with my personal foot needs. I started running twice a week. Hubby decided to join me. The first day he didnt make it but everytime after that he did. So we decided to sign up for our first 5k. Which happens tomorrow. We dont plan on running for speed. Were no where near ready for that yet. Were just running and walking the whole 5k. Im so excited. Cant wait till morning. 



Weight: 194.6 lbs, Measurments: Neck 14.5", Chest 38.0", Waist 41.0", Hips 43", Thighs 23.0", Arms 13.0"

Gastric Bypass RNY Dec. 20 2017 

Sw: 271
My Cw:194.6

Dr. Gw: 185 
My Gw: 175
Current Overall Weight loss 138.4 lbs.,

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