101 NSV's

Oct 17, 2018

I am a member of several FB bariatric pages. And while many times those pages can be counterintuitive there was one post last week that not only did I think was a great idea but also participated in. We tried to come up with 101 NSV's. This post did not actually do that since many of the posts were listed multiple times. But it gave me an idea for a post for myself as well as others. I am going to try and make 101 different NSV's. This will be a post in progress until I reach my goal. Some of these are my own NSV's and some are others I thought would be good ones to add. I also tried to come up with some unique ones as well. If you have any NSV's I have not listed please feel free to reply and I may add them to the list. 

1. May be taken off medications.

2. Able to do more active activities.

3. Able to keep up with younger children.

4. Able to take a bath instead of forced to always take a shower.

5. Able to use one towel instead of two to wrap up in after bath or shower.

6. Able to fit into the seats for amusement rides.

7. Able to fit into "One" Airline seat without a seatbelt extender.

8. Able to take a shower with significant other because you can both fit in the shower together. 

9. Less loads of laundry because the clothes are smaller and useing less towels in shower.

10. Able to buy the clothes we actualy like instead of setteling for just the ones that fit.

11. Able to buy and wear better costumes cause they have more sizes that fit us.

12. Not something I have had to experience but a fear I always had) Not having to have the fire department called for a "lift assist" because my weight was so high the paramedics couldn't lift me.

13. Able to wear a bathing suit without feeling like everyone is watching me cause of my weight.

14. Clothes are cheeper because they are no longer plus size.

15. Less money on food bill cause you eat less.

16. Don't get overly hot in the summer time due to the excessive weight.

17. Able to walk up and down the stairs without getting winded after just a few steps.

18. Sometimes astma will go away or be reduced.

19. Able to use a blow up air mattress on camping trips without it going flat.

20. Able to sit on the ground and be able to get back up without struggeling

21. Able to use a seatbelt in a car without it being tight, or useing extenders or not useing it at all cause it doesnt fit.

22. More room in dressers/closets (for more clothes lol) because clothes are smaller

23. Can cross our legs again




Weight: 191.2 lbs, Measurments: Neck 14.5", Chest 38.0", Waist 41.0", Hips 43", Thighs 23.0", Arms 13.0"

Gastric Bypass RNY Dec. 20 2017 

Sw: 271
My Cw:194.6

Dr. Gw: 185 
My Gw: 175
Current Overall Weight loss -141.8 lbs.,


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