1yr. Surgiversary

Dec 20, 2018

A year ago today I went to the hospital to have my weight loss surgery. While I didn't reach my personal goal, it is still a major improvement. I made the decision to improve my health. I have had many milestones. Some I have never even imagined. Some small and large milestones and victories. It was, and still is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. My goal was to shoot for 185 lbs by my 1 year Surgery date. I have reached 187 lbs. It is only two pounds away, but I know I can still go this. Some of my additional milestones are..

1. I've gone from a size tight 28 to a 14.
2. I've started running again, doing 5 k runs and won 3rd in one of the races.
3. I've started kayaking with my Husband. My Kayaking adventures have brought me to see Horses on Assategue, Catch and eat the freshest crabs I have ever had, and something I have never imagine happening, a school of dolphins swimming next to my kayak. 
4. My adventures have taken me on many trails, waterways, islands in the Susquehanna river, waterfalls in the mountains, and even camping on the Appalachian trail.

These are things that I could not have done a year ago at my heaviest weight. I have met some amazing friends that have gone through, and supported me in my journey.

I look forward to doing these things again and having many more adventures as my journey continues.


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