Ringing in the New Year with a New Me

Jan 01, 2019

 The Holidays were a bit surprising with me. We had all our normal foods (just made healthier in some cases) and even though it was so much rich food and more carbs in some cases than what we have been eatting; I did not gain any weight. On the contrary I continued to lose weight. 

New Years eve came and I steped on the scale. The scale read 185.6. I was so happy. I'm going to ring in the new year at my goal weight. Well my doctors goal weight. I ate breakfast, 1 hard boiled egg... Ok it was a deviled egg lol. And than took a shower. I wantted to get a picture of my goal weight so steped on the scale again. Much to my dismay I put on an extra pound. rofl. All day I kept weighing myself hoping to lose that extra pound once I dried off by it didnt work lol.

Thats Ok. I am still the lowest weight I have been in over 25years. And I know I will reach my goal before I meet with my surgeion for my overdue year appointment. 

I volunteer with our fire department. Every new years our town does a block party so we keep crowd control. This is a picture of me with our new years lion from last year and this year. Last year my coat couldnt even zip up. This year I had to get a whole new outfit and it was still big lol.

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