To tell or not to tell

Jun 28, 2019

I have seen many people ask others if they told people about their surgery or kept it secret. I never could understand what the delema is. 

I told everyone what I was doing. And of course there were some who questioned if it was the right decision. Shoot I even questioned it when my husband first got his done. I explained to everyone what it was like to live in a world where everyone looks at your outter appearance and judges you. What it was like to have to sit on the side lines because you could not do some sort of activity or fit into a booth because of your size. What it was like to walk into a store and not be able to buy an outfit you like because it was made for a smaller size. 

Then I explained to them how even when I ate right or tried my hardest how I would lose some weight but eventually I would gain it all back and then some. Usually they understood. Sometimes I regret not beliving my husband at first that the surgery was the right path. But I think that I needed to have that denial in order to make up my own mind about my own surgery. 

Now, I love when I tell people how much weight I have lost and I get the normal congrats or wow's but then I show them my Id and they see the difference. Their look is priceless and it makes me smile ear to ear. 


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