What's wrong with me?

Jul 11, 2019

I have seen a lot of people saying I'm not losing weight, whats wrong with me, i'm at a stall. I just wanted to share a tidbit. I had RYN 12/20/17 for the past few months I have stalled. I mean my weight loss not only put the breaks on but the emergency break as well. lol. But I kept with the WOE and keeping active and guess what. Last week i started losing again. I reached my doc goal weight and have gone past that. I am 6 lbs from my goal weight.
I am leaving tomorrow for a 7 to 10 day (depending how i feel at the end of 7 days) backpacking and hiking on the Appalachian trail. i will be climbing rocks, and carrying everything i need for the trip, on my back. 30 lbs worth of gear. I am hoping when I get back i will at least loose the 6 remaining lbs to my goal.
Moral of the story; There is nothing wrong with you. Give your tool and new life a chance. Don't give up just because you don't see the weight falling off as fast as you want it too. GL everyone.

Weight: 181.4 lbs, Measurments: Neck 14", Chest 34.5", Waist 39.5", Hips 34.5", Thighs 23.0", Arms 12"

Gastric Bypass RNY Dec. 20 2017 

Sw: 271
My Cw:181.4

Dr. Gw: BMI < 28  

My Gw: 175
Current Overall Weight loss -151.6 lbs.,

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