1000 Steps

Oct 31, 2020

There is this place we hiked back in 2010 called 1000 Steps. This was before we started our weight loss journey. This mountain is part of the National Heritage Trail. Local miners used to climb this mountain back in 1900 to the early 1950's. The trail is only 3.5 Miles with an elivation of 2466'. Back in 2010 We managed to climb the mountain but we were very worn out, exhausted, and our legs burned and felt like jello. It also took us a good part of 8hrs to climb up and back down. This time we climbed the steps and even went to some of the extra look out area's off the trail a bit. We did this in just under 3hrs and that was with helping a little girl get down after falling on the steps halfway down.

We were not as worn out as we were 10 years ago. Loseing the weight made it so much easier to climb up and down the steps. We did not have to stop to get up the strength to continue. It is so much nicer to see all this beauty without trying to get our breath to slow down. 

These photos were taken at the same spot on the trail, and we realized it was 1 month more than 10 yrs apart. 


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