Went to Doctor today

Jul 30, 2008

wow I went to the Dr, today and he was thrilled,, since my pre surg,, i had lost 16 lbs.. 2 weeks post I have lost another 10lbs.. so thats 26lbs in a little over 3 weeks.. im soooo excited and happy,, If i get hungry,, I have sugar free jello or a popsickle. it works.. yeahhhhhhhh ,, even got into two of my top I havnt worn in over 5 yrs too.. soo proud of myself.. makes me want to just keeping loosing.. gl all

my goals

Jul 06, 2008

to loose at least 100 lbs.. so not only is my health alot better i wont need a cane to walk and can stand more then 10 min without sitting down,, use our pool and walk and play with my grandkids

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Jul 06, 2008
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Went to Doctor today
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