Well I made it through surgery. Yay-so far so good! I have had no problems at all.

Here is the rundown:

I had to be at the hospital at 10:30am-I arrived with my parents & sister & my pillow & small bag. Didnt wait long before I was taken to another room-with my Mom & sister-I had to change, they took blood samples, urine samples, hooked up my iv & I waited. Then my fear of all fears-a gorgeous guy came in to wheel me to the next waiting area-here I am-no bra, no makeup & wearing glasses & this gorgeous guy (Quentin) comes in! I nearly died! But he wheeled me off-think Greys Anatomy-it was really odd being wheeled around the hospital in a bed. SO then we waited in another waiting area. The anesthesiologist (another gorgeous man! Mark McMasters) came & introduced himself & he was so kind & had beautiful teeth! After that Dr. Scarborough came by-then Wanda my bariatric coordinator-she was so nice! I really like her alot! Then I was taken into the operating room-I remember it being very cold & they moved me over to the other bed-weird aired up mattress kind of thing-after that I really dont remember much except wondering how they worked in such a cold room & there were so many people doing things.  Then I woke up in my room about 3-4 hours later-my entire family & some friends were staring at me! It felt really weird & very groggy-kind of like someone was standing on my chest. I was in  & out that night-I do remember alot but wasnt really in pain. I remember being so tired that I had to close my eyes but my brain was awake & trying to talk to people in the room but I had a vrey delayed reaction-it was weird-the next day it got better-the swallow test was pretty gross but not as bad as I had been thinking it would be-the next day I went home. I have had very little pain at all-just been resting & walking & drinking water!  I go back to work next week & am not looking forward to it! I will miss Martha Stewart & The View so much! I love being at home!!

After my first dr appt-I had lost 12 pounds & my doctor said I could move on to pureed foods. I am pretty much just eating cream of chicken soup, protein drinks & mashed potatoes. Oh & chicken noodle soup minus the noodles & chicken. I have tried a soft boiled egg too & that went well! I was glad because I love eggs! I am also drinking milk with no problems. The water is really hard to get down-but I get out 5 bottles & make myself finish them everyday!


I am back at work today! Everything is going well & I feel just fine. I brought my lunch with me today-had my usual cream of chicken soup & a laughing cow-Light Swiss cheese wedge. I love those cheeses!!! I am sitting here drinking water! I want to get 50 oz before I go home & I am almost there! This morning per my scale I have lost 20 pounds so thats exciting! I am looking forward to the first support group that is coming up in November. My incisions are healing very well but I am ready to sleep on my stomach!


The Thanksgiving holiday is over & I had my first bout of overeating! My goodness-I will be much more careful in the future.  Thanksgiving I had tried one too many bites of dressing, mashed potatoes & other foods that were almot purreed. I knew I had eaten too much & then suddenly I started getting hot & my eyes were watering so I went to the bathroom & as I bent over the sink to take a drink of water-the food popped right out! It was weird-not like vomiting-more like just chewed up food-it was really odd. After that I felt fine & didnt eat another thing til later that evening! Goodness! It was really hard though to see all that good turkey & sweet potatoes & all the desserts & not be able to eat any! I do know that I will look fabulous next Thanksgiving so thats what I keep trying to remember. I got on the scale this morning & since surgery day I have lost 25 pounds. I am sure Thanksgiving week-eating dressing & potatoes didnt help! Oh-I also made a sugar free pumpkin pie that was so good-but its so weird to only be able to eat like only a spoonful-anyway! Now we have Christmas to get through-no more overeating for me!  Other than that I have done fine! I have ventured into some other foods besides pureed & they have all gone down fine. This weekend while shopping I stopped with my Mom at a ChikFila & ate a chicken nugget & that was so good & didnt bother me at all-not the best choice by way of dieting standards but it was sure good! I also tried a piece -tiny-of roast my Mother was making yesterday. I have heard from others that they have trouble with beef & luckily that went down fine also. So things are good. no strictures & I am not lactose intolerant! YAY!! I even tried swallowing a capsule today & that worked too! I was brave-I was so nervous it would get stuck & I would have to go to the doctors office!  I got to Seattle in 2 weeks & am hoping that I can lose another 20 by then-I know thats pushing it but if I walk & really watch my food maybe I can-I want to be able to sit in the plane seat comfortably!!! Cross your fingers for me!


I went to my first support group meeting last night. It was fun-everyone was so nice & it was so good to hear other people think the same way I do-it was nice to be able to hear peoples stories & visit. I met a friend that I met on this website (Andrea) she actually had come by to see me the evening after my surgery but I was so out of it I dont really remember too much. We had a little gift exchange & a psychologist spoke. I also found out about a free counseling group that the psychologist does once a month & am eager to go to that as  well.

Surgerywise I have been doing great! I have had no complications & havent over eaten since Thanksgiving! So I am doing well-I have been much more consistent about getting on the treadmill. I believe I am going to start weight training as well next week. Everything at work has been fine. I am now at a 30 lb weight loss. Yay!

I guess thats about it for now-I am looking forward to the Christmas holidays, baking cookies is going to be interesting this year since I will not be sampling any!! I will find myself a sugar free recipe that will be good-hopefully that will keep me content!


Well I made it through Christmas with no major problems. I overate! Ugh-Some foods I can eat more than others & sometimes I believe I am eating too fast. Glad the holidays are over & I am back at home-then I have more control over what I am eating-or might I say not so may things are around me! Other than that I am doing fine-at last weigh in I had lost 38 pounds & I forgot to weigh this week. For Christmas I got 4 sugar free Reese's cups & they were good! I ate one a day! Since they have malitol I was a bit scared of them-but they didnt seem to have any adverse effects on me-luckily! I have been on my treadmill daily & doing well, have done better at the water drinking & the vitamins-I am trying to get the vitamins because I have heard that helps with hair loss!  Back to food-it sure is hard when you want to eat more & there it sits & you cant eat it! Thats torture! lol!! I dont think I have tried anything new-oh I did eat a not healthy thing at the mall yesterday-a corndog! Well I would say I ate about 1/5th of it & then passed it to my Mom-but I got the taste & that satisfied me! The people sitting beside us had that wonderful HUGE mall pizza though & boy did that look good-I wanted two huge slices-even though I never could have eaten it! I will say this way of eating is great in the budget dept. I have never spent so little money on food before! Food lasts forever at home & if I go anywhere & have leftovers that usually lasts 4 days & then I throw the rest out-its crazy!!! I still am not fitting into any old clothes yet-all of the ones I have been wearing for the past 7 months are now much looser but not falling off yet!!  I will be 2 months post op in just a few days-actually week wise I probably already am-but I am going by the date! I hope the New Year brings much weight loss!!

Go to fullsize imageCharlotte York-I hope one day to be able to dress like this! :-)


PS-When I flew to Seattle 2 weeks ago I didnt have to ask for a seatbelt extension-woohoo! It was tight but it locked! I was so happy about that!



The New Year is off to a good start. I am now 9 weeks out & have lost 48 pounds. Everything is going great. Still no problems (knock on wood), have tried a few more things-popcorn-a very small amount-I was at the movie & couldnt resist a few pieces. Peanut butter also agrees with me. I try to keep it out of site though-its too good. Oh & I ate a small bowl of cheerios. That was good! I still tend to stick with cottage cheese & lean cuisine manicotti. Its soft & gooey & good! I also know I am fast the pureed food stage but my nutrionist had recommended Gerber Graduates for pureed food-I still eat them-they are small & good & not too salty or spicy-they are packaged small, so thats all I eat. I find that I can eat more of softer foods & that bothers me! I try to eat out of a measuring cup so I dont go overboard. Oh I also still love the Campbells Golden Selects soups-the ones in the box. The Red Pepper/Black Bean is my favorite but the Southwestern Corn is quite tasty too! I have also been very good about getting on my treadmill! Thats about it for now. I wore a blouse to work yesterday that I havent worn in a year so I was happy about that!



 I havent updated this in forever! Things are going fabulous! The losing just continues. I have now lost 88 pounds & feel so much better. I am so excited about losing the weight. I want to lose 60-65 more. I cant even imagine myself below 200, so I will be thrilled when I get there in 30 more pounds!! I have met some really great people through my support meetings-one person in particular her name is Tammy also! Its great to have a weight loss buddy! We keep each other on track & also cry together as well! The support meetings have been really helpful. Mary Jo Rapini is a fabulous doctor, I just love her! Plus getting to meet others & visit & discuss things helps me so much.

I pretty much have nothing that I cant eat, I stay away from sugar. But thats about it, of course I do watch what I eat & go for protein first but its nice to know that I am not blowing a diet if I eat a baked chip or pretzel. Its kind of neat to get full so quickly, sometimes it makes you mad but at least you got a couple of bites!

I have been getting into lots of old clothes-that thrills me to death, it thrills me even more when something I was deperate to get into is suddenly too big! Its amazing-its like every morning when I wake up & ge tout of bed I feel a little bit lighter-seriously!! Its sounds funny but its so true. This surgery was the best thing I could have ever done. I still  have had no complications & everything is going well.

I joined Bally's last month & was thrilled to do that. I dont feel insecure at all walking in there! Even in the classes-I have been to most enough so that I know the moves & dont feel like a cow. A pesonal trainer taught me some things as well & that helped with my comfort level.

I go back for my 6 month check up next month-though it will actually be farther along than 6 months but I am sooo hoping that I can hit the 100 weight loss mark by then! I think I can do it!!

I do need to take some pictures to post-I am going on a small trip in May & will post some then. 

Oh-my friend Tammy &  I have decided to take a trip once we hit our goal! We are actually going to take the trip next summer-so by then I know our goals will have been met!!  



106 Pounds Lost!!!

Yippee! I never thought I would get to the hundred pound lose! I guess I am now a member of the club! My losing had slowed down a bit, but last week I lost 5 again so it has pepped back up! Thank goodness! I have 53 more to go til my goal weight of 160. I am hoping to have that gone by, well before my 1 year anniversary-Nov. 1st.  Its so exciting-now I cant wait to be below 200. I cant remember when I was below 200, maybe junior high. Anyway, buying clothes is more fun now. But the bad part is you buy them & then 3 weeks later they are too big-sometimes it doesnt even take 3 weeks. I am still working out quite a bit & am enjoying that! It really is amking a difference I think! My new, great, dear friend Tammy & I both met our first goal of losing 100 pounds & so we spent last Saturday at a spa. It was so nice to be pampered & it was even more exciting to fit into the robe they gave us to wear! We even had room to spare!  This is silly but I am loving being able to cross my legs-I feel so cute when I do! lol!!

Thats it for now I suppose! I did have my 6 month checkup a few weeks ago & was pretty low on iron & B12. So I have to start getting more of both of those! I am also bruising really easily-has that happened to anyone else? My hair still is falling out-I need to go find a pill for that. My thick hair is feeling rather thin & dry these days! Not very glamorous!! But its okay when you thin! 


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