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My name is Tamara.  I decided in October of 2005 to go for the gusto so to speak. At this point I am openly sharing that I will be having WLS with everyone. 1st reason is haters and that’s the bad thing about haters they hate just because its not them.  But overall everyone is supportive and very very excited for me.  I haven’t told most of my family yet I felt I would surprise them at the next family outing. My mom is aware but she’s not to happy with it the way she sees it is that you only go to the hospital when your sick & she just doesn’t feel I’m serious or think about how I feel being 278+ at times but regardless of how she feels she'll be by my side as always. I wouldnt want you to get it confused I have never felt not accepted. I have a ton of friends, Im loved by all and hated by many because I am about my business not because I'm BIG.   I intimidate women cause I'm not Skinny Skinny and I still do me with confidence. But can I shop in the 10 dollar store come on I have two kids and bills. 




      Me at 274 Pounds.         





DateWeightPounds LostTotal Pounds LostBMI










Sit in any chair I want without worrying about will the chair survive Done

Eat without having everything drop on my chest

See my toes while standing upright Done

To know I have more than just a ‘cute face’

To wear a swimsuit on the beach without being humiliated

Cut my toenails without having to twist my body into weird shapes

Not have to pull my shirt over my gut every time I get up

Walk into any store and buy cute clothes off the rack

Wear tight fitting jeans and a belt

Wear high-heeled shoes without breaking them

Sit in any car and not feel like a canned sardine Done

Have no fear of having my picture taken Done

Have boundless amounts of energy

No longer feel like a slave to food or my weight

To avoid other health problems caused by obesity

To avoid early death caused by obesity

To not have to pull the legs of my shorts down every few steps

To not have lawn chairs break because of the weight

To be able to walk any distance without having to look for a bench to sit down

To be able to actually run and catch a plane, train, bus and not be all sweaty Done

To not fear fitting in public seating Done

To be proud of myself

To not have someone remark, "Look at what you did to yourself"

To be able to take a real bath and submerge.

To not constantly diet, gain, diet, gain more…

To ease the pain in my joints

To not avoid mirrors

To be able to get up off the floor easily

To not have bras cut into my chest, breasts and shoulders

To be able to cross my legs Done

To not push myself up with my arms and hands when rising from a chair

To ease the burden the extra weight is putting on my heart

To go to Six Flags and ride all the roller coasters with the kids

To be able to clean my home without it feeling like a punishment

To not have to put on a "happy" face for others

To not suffer from the summer heat and being miserable

To be more attractive

To not fear trying new things because of my weight

Shop at Victoria's Secret

To not have to ask ‘What’s the largest size you have in that?”Done

To sit comfortably in a booth at a restaurant

Have an attractive profile Done

To be able to tie my shoesDone

To buy clothes because I like them and not because that’s all that will fit me Done

Dance the whole night

To not think up some excuse for not doing something because of my weight

To not be afraid to step on the bathroom scaleDone

To never be embarrassed about my size Done....

To not count tying shoes as daily exercise

To not be more out of shape than my parents Done....

To be able to shave my legs completely

To not be afraid to ask which hairstyle suits my face Done....

To not have the fear of being rejected

To wear one size fits all and it fits me

To go between cars in parking lot and not dust it off with my belly/butt

To not be afraid to send pictures to family  Done....

To be able to stand still, carrying nothing and still look poised

To cross your arms across you’re chest without them resting on your stomach Done....

To have my feet get smaller

To not wonder if people are nice to me because they pity me Done....

To see my reflection in a mirror or store window without turning away Done....

To stop hiding from the worldDone....

To look forward to shopping and just trying on clothes Done....

Stand with my feet together Done....

Read in bed by pulling my knees up and resting the book on my thighs

To not worry about rashes and sweating

To see my hip bones for the first time

Have a bath towel or even pool towel fit around me

To wear stylish clothing

To be able to compete for better jobs

Be able to wear chokers again – and not actually choke while wearing them (my husband copped me a  nice necklace and I refuse to put it on until I’m smaller)

To be able to cross my legs.

To wear a size that doesn’t beginning with two.

To walk without my legs rubbing together.

To have enough energy to chase after my kids.

To have enough strength to take my kids out on a weekly outing.

To get my self a makeover.

To wash dishes without my shirt being wet up. 

To give my daughter a bath without my stomach hurting from bending at the waist.

To not be scared to sit on someone’s lap. (For my boo.)

To allow my self to love my self more.

To be able to see my neck with out lifting up my chin.

To stay away from people that do not have my best interest at heart..

To wear nylons without them rolling down my stomach.

Eat an ice cream without being stared at

Try all kinds of activities with the kids and be able to keep up

Look forward to dressing up when going to a party

Be able to scratch my back (and anywhere that itches)

Be able to use the vacuum cleaner without wanting a shower afterwards

To live longer






Pre Op~April~May ~ 2 Months after RNY

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June 2006~ July 2006 ~ August 2006
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