PoliticalJunkie2 14 years ago

Hey Tammy! Just wanted to wish you good luck!!! You're gonna do great!!! :) Let us know how you are when you can. ~Deanna

2kay 14 years ago

Best of luck on your surgery tomarrow. I will keep you in my prayers! I know you will do great.

munkeelou 14 years ago

best of luck tammy.. now u can save me a seat on the bench!!!

cburr 14 years ago

I am also her rooting for you. I know you will be fine you are in great hands. Dr. Roller is the best. I also will be keeping the losers bench wrm for you. Carla

AmyBeth :) 14 years ago

How exciting, we are all here rooting for you...........GO TAMMY...........GO TAMMY, my booty is keeping the losers bench warm for you! AmyBeth

Shawna T. 14 years ago

Hey girl! I'm excited that your day is finally here (well close enough!) so I can only imagine how excited you are! Just remember Dr. Roller is awesome and you are in good hands.

2bthinnow 14 years ago

Good Luck On your Sleeve tomorrow. We will keep you in our prayers. Me and my husband had our Sleeve on 2-27-08 and it was the best thing we could of ever did..Kim and Lannie
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