A long long time ago (1970's), in a land far far away (Colorado), there lived an above average 1/2 Princess with poor social skills, who lived a desperate life in a dysfunctional family (multiple parental affairs, psychological & physical abuse). Then a teen tart challenged the Queen for her crown, resulting in disgrace of the King, a loss of resources, and a relocation of the kingdom (California).  Removed from all she held dear , loosing all semblance of support, and lacking the social skills to bond with her new people, the Princess was woeful and retreating into a private world of fantasy and food. Alas, things were to get worse, as unbeknownst to the Princess, she was under a genetic curse. As the princess hit puberty the dreaded scourge of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome ravaged her once normal and easily ignored frame with the dread obesity! A once somewhat healthy lass of 90 lbs ballooned to a bountiful embarrassment to the royal family (160 lbs at 5' at age 12). The Queen made it her personal mission to address the Princesses disfigurement by trying every cure available, no matter how distasteful. If they worked for the princess, the Queen would herself use them in a vain attempt to regain her girlish charms. And the King took every opportunity to offer derogatory and hurtful support to his beleaguered child. Often comparing her to the younger full Princess, who was not cursed, but blond, blue-eyed, slender, and popular. Alas, no matter how invasive, vulgar, or embarrassing, none of the cures addressed the root of the disfigurement (ie unhappiness, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition). And no matter how supportive, the backhanded comments only caused more despair (ie depression, low self-esteem, bulimia, speed use, etc). One day, the royal family was finally torn asunder by the weight of the hostility between the King and the Queen. The war that had long waged, now torn the kingdom in two (San Bernandino vs Thousand Oaks). Thus leaving the princess stranded in the land of Los Angeles, and again without anything to call her own. However, now she was of an age to try to make her own fortune in the world (age 17). Thus the head strong Princess decided rather than allie with either the King or Queen, she would instead turn away from them both! But, this time was not a period of loss, but a time of self discovery. For she did have improved social skills and a secret guard for support. Of this guard, the Captain came forth to champion her in her direst need. Saved from despondency, the princess began to rebuild her life. There was a constand war with the dred curse of obesity. Some battles in the are resulted in gains, and some in losses, yet the war itself raged on. Even so, as one of the people the Princess found success with friends, in education, with employment, financially, and in love (20 years married to her Champion). Alas though, as the Princess looks back over the challenges and successes in her life, she realized one unattained magical goal remained. To remove the curse of obesity. Thus, at the beginning of a new era (2010) and with the support of her friends, children, and her Champion, the Princess sought out the miracles worked by the Wizard of Weight Loss, Dr. Jose Antonio Castaneda Cruz in the magical land of Puerto Vallarta. The Wizard has promised to provide a procedure (VSG) that will reach into the very core of the Princess. But,  together with hard life long emotive and nutritional work by the Princess, the VSG promises to conquer the curse of obesity once and for all! It is with high hopes and anxious worry that the Princess has the hope of revealing her inner glory to all the land.  Hazah! The Princess has taken up the Wizards challenge and has began the journey of a lifetime!