Fremont Orientation

Sep 14, 2008

I went to my orientation today and learned quite a bit. Dr Hahn was the conducted the first part of the class. He was great, he really knows his stuff. He put a lot of emphasis on the fact that this surgery is just a tool to help us reach our goal, but we have to be mentally and emotionally ready to do our part as well, in order to be successful. 

 I was surprised that he is not a big fan of the lapband at all. He said a lot of his patients are not having the success that his gastro bypass patients are having. I have always wanted that gastric bypass surgery so I was glad to hear I made the right choice.

This handbook will be great to have on hand to refer to, there is information about the surgery, nutrition, dieting, support groups ect.. I am going to start the pre-op diet..(Wish me luck on that one)  lol!

He did say that surgery could be 6 months out, but in the same breath said "those that have met their goal weight, as well as completed all the requirements (phych appt, attend a support class ect), will have surgery much sooner. " So what I heard is .....It's up to me!

The nutritionist was also great, I think her name was Valerie. She talked about portions and knowing how to count your calories. She talked about the importance of vitamins and protien intake for us. It's important to start new habits early, long before the surgery. Not only will you be healthier for the surgery but it will be a smoother transition if you mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for this change.

I think my biggest challenge will be getting enough exercise since my joints hurt and I feel tired often. Maybe these multivitamins and protien with help with that.

Well, I am one step closer.. the next step is to meet with the surgeons and the staff..

Oh yeah..when they weighed me, I had lost four pounds since I weighed in three weeks ago at the doctors. It's not much but I am just glad it's down rather then up..


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