Night Before I Change My Life

Jul 14, 2010

Hello All!
Well, I am writing to clear my head the night before surgery. I've been pretty nervous the last couple of days but I've stayed pretty busy getting ready to be gone for 10 days or so from work. Plus my parents are coming in town to help me with my recovery and to help my 6 year old son (which they will thoroughly enjoy). So, I've had lots to do to get the house ready for their visit and for my return. It's been very good to keep my mind busy to distract me.

I haven't questioned my decision in any serious way. I've had a couple of fleeting thoughts about this being a selfish thing to do when I have a six year old who needs me (in case anything were to happen)...but then I quickly respond--to myself--with "but this is an investment in his future too". I can only hope if something happens, he would understand. It crushes me to think of that though. So, I will go in determined to make it out! I'm healthy and have had another major surgery in the last couple of years which went really well. So, there is really nothing to worry about!

I'm so ready. I've been ready for a long time. It's hard to believe that all the planning, appointments, mental processing and anticipation will finally be coming to fruition tomorrow....YEAH!

See you on the other side of my new life!


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