My gosh, were do I begin...It has been two long years, since i began this journey. Let me tell you, it has been one tough battle... Most people have problems with there insurance co... my problem was my PCP... Don't get me wrong, my PCP was all for me having the surgery, but her staff, that was another problem. I followed all of my insurance providers guidelines, and whenever I needed a referral sent, my PCP's office, would come up with excuse after excuse, after excuse..(Oh, we sent that referral weeks ago, and the weeks would lead to months) I finally started dealing directly with my insurance, and they inturn, would call my PCP to schedule my referrals. The last straw was the medical assistant, told me that I would not qualify for the surgery...Did you guys here me?... the medical assistant! OMG!! I called my insurance provider, and complained. Happy to say, that I am changing PCP's, and I have finally been approved for surgery...August 10th, 2009 with Dr. Suh here in California. I am very excited...and a little nervous...Wish me luck.

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