I did not always have an issue with weight.  When I was younger I could eat anything and not gain an ounce.  Then puberty hit and my weight started to go up.  Right before my senior year in high school I started to take diet pills (the over the counter ones) 2 kinds and also did Richard Simmons (when he was on General Hospital).  It worked (but who knows what the diet pills did).  When I got married in 1985 I was about 125-129 and had a 28” waist.  Then I got pregnant and my eating habits went back to junk.  Wendy’s double cheese with extra extra pickles my weakness.  By the time my daughter was born I was about 180-185 lbs.  I was able to lose about 45 of those extra lbs on Weight Watchers (my ex did not want a fat wife), it took close to 2 years but I did it, then I found out my son was on the way.  At first I stayed on WW, then my ex-husband left, told me he is gay and we started going through the divorce and since I was pregnant I had an excuse to eat, and eat I did, by the time my son was born I was 200+.  That was 18 years ago and my weight has yo yo’d since.

In the past 3-4 years I have had 6 surgeries, 3 were for benign breast lumps, and 2 were for severe endometriosis, leading up to a full hysterectomy in July 2003.  I did start to lose weight in early 2007 then my GYN put me on HRT.  In June of 2007 I say how well my mom did with the Lap band and I knew it was time for me to do it. I went to my PCP had a physical and all the blood work, looked like things were going to happen, all I needed was to attend a seminar and go from there.  Then came the phone call my blood work showed some thyroid issues.  So next came the visit to the endocrine MD, found out I have Graves disease, so I started on medications and finally I got the go ahead in late Dec 2007 that my levels are fine and I can go about the WLS YIPPEE, and OH S*it.

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