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I am a 30 year old female from Houston, Texas that has just learned I have been approved for weight loss surgery. I have been overweight my entire life and recently have suffered with high blood pressure, heart failure and back pain over the last two years. I have been researching weight loss surgery for like the last four years but had not yet made up my mind. What made me really decide was when I became pregnant with my daughter. I carried her 8 months and this was the longest time every. I was a high risk pregnancy because of my weight (345) and the high blood pressure and heart failure. I had to see a high risk doctor once a week and the cardiologist every two weeks. I was hospitalized 2 times before labor and my daughter was delivered by c-section at 35 weeks (eight months) and that stay in the hospital was 14 days. During my pregnancy my brother past away on 10/14/2005 from resp failure at age 36. He passed away 5 days after his 36th birthday. He was over 500 pounds. If I could turn back the hands of time I would have faught harder to get him the weight loss help he needed. Thinking there was always gonna be another day. God had another plan for him, so he had no need for my plans for him anyway. I am convinced that God makes no mistakes!  It was so unexpected. One day he was here and the next day I am starting a long journey of depression and greiving that lasted over a year. When Greg left her he took a part of me with him. We were very close because we were raised together and he was like my other half to battle Moma and Daddy. All of the combined makes 2005 and 2006 very hard years for me. I decided it was time to make a change not only for myself but to raise my daughter and this all is dedicated to my brother "Clarence "Gregory" Green".R.I.P

Clarence G. Green

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May 09, 2007

Hello everyone,

Well I do have a lot of good info on my page starting from October of 2006. I had my approval journey and my day of surgery  experience and everything. Being the super smart person I am, I have manage to accidently delete all of it. So, I will just have to give you all a general breakdown summary to date. My approval was very easy because I have high blood pressure, severe obesity, congestive heard failure and I just had a long high risk pregnancy that cost my insurance the price of a 600 class  luxury car. And before we could even submit the claim in total to them they called and in so many words said please hurry up and put her fat a$$ on the operating table. So the doctors office called and told me I was approved over the phone and I still had not got all my lab work done. I had to do two sleep studies and found I have sleep apnea. Then comes the c-pap machine. I still did not have my surgery until Febuary because I had no time off at work and I wanted to start the new year off right. Anywho, I had my surgery on 02/27/2007. Everything went very well. They had trouble bringing my blood pressure down. I was released the next day and it took about two days to fell like myself. The gas was a booga for ya though!!!! I have thus far lost 40 pounds. I feel great!!!! I still have trouble getting my protien and water in but thus far the band is working. The day of surgery I weighed 360 and today I am at 319. Dr. Alanis says that because my 10cm band is so tight. He will not give me my first fill until I loose the first 50 pounds on my own by my 4 month anniversy, which is this month on 05/28/2007. I don't know I am gonna do about these last 9 pounds, I might do a protien train to get it off or he is just gonna have to charge them 9 pounds to the game and let a girl make it!!!! I still have a little restriction but evedentaly the band ain't too tight no more cause I can eat!!!! I can eat more in portion size but am very committed to what I eat. I still watch sugar intake, watch carbs and fat intake. No fried food !!!! Now you are caught up, I holla at ya later  



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