10/02/06 Well I had my first appointment with my pc and he went ahead andput in a refferral for my bloodwork to be done and also some back and leg x-rays to be done.He let me know that I needed to be at Thomas Moore everyday for the next 5 days so that I could have my blood pressure checked.While I was there, he told me that he was going to put in a refferral for my psych evaluation.He told me that they would get in touch with me in 10 days.He told me to make sure that I attend them.                                                

10/9/06 Well today the doctors office called to set me up for my psych evaluation and it has not even been 10 days I guess thats a great thing.                                             

10/17/06 Today at my appointment Dr.Summers let me know that all my test turned out real good,but he was concerned about the x- rays of my legs, he told me that I have a bad case of arthritis in my knees,and that he was sure that it came from my weight                                                      

10/23/06 Well today I had my psych eval  everything went real good he had so many  questions to ask me.My nerves was so bad. After I him about my life the chubby part  he told me to feel free to ask him some  questions.Then he let me know that I had   to answer some questions on the computer  about 600 of them. Some of those things  was asked over and over but at different  times. I guerss to see how crazy I really  was. After I was finished he told me that I   was a really good candiate for surgury and  that if I ever needed someone to talk to  after surgery he would be there.    

10/30/06 Today I had a back class at Darnell and it was really boring,the guy mostly was talking the soliders and the way that they suppose to do pt. I really did not learn anything different, but I guess the class looks good to my doctor.    

11/7/06  Today I had my appointment with my regular doctor and he put my ref. in for the surgery, he told me that they had 10 days to get in touch with me,and if not he gave my a number to call.

11/13/06 I recieved a call and said that I had been ref. out from post and that I would be going to Scott and White and that I should be recieving my letter in the mail this week.I know one thing this is a long and stressfull process. I will be glad when I'm on the other side.    

11/15/06 Well I didn't recieve my letter today and it is really killing me I guess,I know when I recieve it,I will have to call and make a appointment with the surgent and I know it will be a month before I can get in to see him or longer. 

12/13/06  Well Scott & White called me today I have a appointment on Friday Dec15th at 12:45 with the surgent, they let me know that I needed to go to the bussiness office where I'm there to meet and greet with Melissa to get my letter on the way so I can be approve for my surgery.

12/15/06   Well today my appointment went real good, she explain to me evrything about the surgery I'm more nervous then before. She said she had to talk to the doctor and they would call me Monday with a date. It really seemed real to me when she told me she wanted me to go ahead and have my bofore pictures taken today.

12/18/06 Well today and I had gotten home from work late and my husband told me that I  had a message from Scott & White and by then it was to late to call them back.It is going to worry me all night.

12/19/06 This morning I called and the doctors sec told me that they have a date for me on Jan 23rd which is about 1 month away.I told them that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked her when will I know when I'm approved and she said that it should not take no more then 1 day to get approved.



12/29/06 Well today Mellissa called me to let me know that Tri-care had denied me for surgery cause my pc had put my info in the computer wrong and I needed to go to him and let him know so he could fix it before my surgery or I would have to pay for the bill.I went to his office today but he will be out till January the 3rd so I have a appointment that morning at 8am.She let me know that her friend at Tri-care would fix it right away.

1/1/07 Well Happy New Year to everyone.Hope this year will be better then the last well if everything goes the way it really should I have 22 more days before my surgery.I will let everyone know my update after I go see my pc on Wednesday God Bless each and everyone of you. 

1/2/07 Well this morning my pc called me to let me know that he had recieved my message and he had fixed it in the computer for Tri-care and I could call Mellissa and let her know to look for it.I called Mellissa and she told me that she would give Tri-care a call after lunch and soon as she knows something she would give me a call. 

1/6/07  Well it is killing me for me to go the entire weekend without knowing did I get approve this time or not Mellissa said that only one has ever been denied for them,and she told me that the only reason why is because my doctor put it in their wrong but I have seen people get approved so they say in 1 day but I called Tri-care Froday and they said that they had just recieved it and that they were really back logged and I should hear something the 1st part of the week.Well as soon as I find out something my family on obesityhelp.com  will be the1st to know.

1/08/07 Well today I had all my pre-ops done and it was an all day affair.The hospital is about 35 to 45 mins away and my husband went with me so he can see all the things he had to help my with could you believe that the doctor gave me a test before my appointment with him but it was really meaningful,the test was 30 questions long and all true or false I only miss 1 so that was real good.The test was to see if I really knew everything about the surgery and if I had done my research so it was cool.Tonight was my last meal so I did not want anything real big I'm from the country which is Bay Minette AL.I told my husband that I wanted fillet catfish with jumbo shrimp and grits with cheese and it was great.My meal was better then Red Lobster any day.  

12/10/07 I have some goooooooooooooooood news I'm APPROVED thank god and thank all of u for all the prayers.Talk to u sistahs and bros later. 

1/14/07 This liquid protein diet is killing me the one I had taste like diet slim fast.But the great thing is that it is 55g of protein.It is sold at GNC Stores Instantized Pro Complex Augmented Protein System Dietary Supplement 55g prtein this product is $69.99. A great friend  BeautyForAshes told me about it if anyone needs any help they should contact her she really knows alot and is really helpful.You see this is a really great website and if you need any help while you are going through your journey it is alot of great people. 

1/17/07 Well I have just a few days left and I will be so glad when this is behind me I have not gotten an angel yet but I do know that I have God on my side and he will take care of me. I keep everyone informed of how the next few days are going.I have been trying to get everything in order so that my husband, mom and children will not have to do that much around the house.My family depends on me for everything it is going to be real hard on my children, my husband told them that it was going to be some changes around here cause he was not going to be doing everything for them. Until next time God Bless.

1/21/07 Well my date is almost here and I'm ready to be on the side with people that really knows how it feels for people to look at you on the outside then what you have to offer on the inside.You know that I would really love for people to teach their children not to make fun of children and adult that is large,that we should treat each other how we would what to be treated. But we that are on the large or should I say big boned,we must see that the people that make fun of us always have something missing out of their lives.I have a little girl that is overweight and children are so mean but I have to remeember that children only do what they see. So that is why I trying to fix the problem now. 

1/22/07 Well just a few hours to go until me new birthday. I 'm really blessed to have 2 angels from this web site and they are really great Lesley and Michelle. But I have a loving family that is my angels at all times.Well God Bless everyone I will write again before I leave for the hospital. 

1/22/07 Well I'm off to the hospital it's about 430am see yall when I return can't wait to share the good news.God Bless.

1/25/07 Well it is about 630 didn't get that much sleep last night but Thank God I'm here.I will write back when I have more strength.

1/30/07 Well today I had my 1 week appointment and it really went good. Paullette let me know that she was giving me 2 more foods that I could eat 1 time a day Thank God she ask me have I been eating and I let her know that in the last 2 days I have not been having appetite,but that I'm up to 50 oz of water,she let me know to work on the water cause that is so important. And she let me know that it was not good for me.But I did let her know that I am always head hungry and that it was killing me,but I just had to pray and I'm still praying so everyone that reads my blog and are going through some of the same things I'm only an email away.  

2/3/07 Well this morning when I woke up I did not have any energy at all, so I stayed in bed all day till 1:30pm I made my get up so that I could get my walk in and my exercise in so maybe I would feel better.So my son and I went for a walk at the mall.I was looking at all the clothes that I would love to wear when I get down to my goal weight. But as my weight goes down I will make sure that I update my pictures.Well I have to go for my 2 week check-up on Tuesday and I'm ready to see what a difference 1 week has made,but first on Monday I have to go and have some blood test done and I think a test on my liver and all the normal things that they check after you have the surgery so that is cool.I just want to make sure that everthing is o.k. I would also like to thank again all the people that has been praying for me before and after my surgery and that if anyone that has starting the process would like to talk at my experience remember, I'm just an email away. 

02/04/07 This morning I woke up feeling great, so I guess that is a plus for me. I guess that yesterday it was a bad morning for me but I knew that was a part of the package.Well last night my mother-in-law called me and she said that my sister- in-law said that she could not wait to see me when I get to my goal weight cause she knew that I was going to have flab all over the place and I told her that she needed to mind her bussiness,that with alot of walking and exercise it would not be that bad.She said that she knew cause she had seen people like that.I told her that she have not seen that many cause they are from a little country town that only has 1 store and that is a little gas station that still runs a tab for you so,she needed to get out in the real world.I told her like my little girl says don't hate the player hate the game.You see what ever you do you are going to have haters.I'm so glad that I have so much support from my family and you know that this is the time that we need all the support that we can get.I always remember what my grandmother said if you don't have anything nice to say keep your mouth closed.If anyone can relate to haters please email me.

10/5/07 Well hello everyone my progress is coming along great I go for my 2 week check-up in the morning.The scale has not been going in my favor this week I guess I'm really ready to see some result ,but I know that I have really came a long way in the last 2 weeks.Well I have not been hungry at all I know that I have to have something on my stomach and I'm really working really hard to do so cause my doctor said that if I don't eat I'm just making hard on my self.But I can tell you 1 thing I'm getting all my water in and I'm keeping up on all the meds so that is a plus for me.My family is eating better to my husband said that it does not make sense to have different dinners when we should have all the same thing so that makes me feel great that they are on my side,my daughter is having a hard time cause we are really on her she knows that it is all for 1 and 1 for all.  

2/6/07 Well today I had my 2 week check-up and it was great I had my staples taken out and thank God for that.I feel so much better my next appointment is not until Feb. 27th they let me know is all I needed to lose but 8 pounds and I know that I can do much better then that.

2/8/07 Well today was my first day back to work and it went well.When I came home from work all I could do is take my shower and climb in to bed,I know that I did more at home but I guess with all the interaction with the children wore me out.

2/11/07 Well today my family and I went to Red Lobster and I ate off the kids menus,I ordered the crab legs and they were really good I only ate 1 leg and 4 teaspoons of applesauce and I was really full. I really love this whole deal.I weighed today and I think I will wait to update my tickle next week.Well today I'm almost 3 weeks out and I'm doing really great. 

2/14/07 Happy Valentine's Day everyone well I wanted to give my self a gift today so I weighedwhen I sent my babys off to school so I did a it was ok I'm down now to 288 and that is great thank God and all my angels for looking out for me.I pray to God everyday for all the goodness that he have given me,and my family during this time.I look on the memorial page all the time,and thank him for getting me through and making my life better.I pray for all the familys that has lost a love one trying to make a change in their life style.I also keep all my obesityhelp family in my prayers also and I ask them to do the same for me.The most important thing to me is that my family has stood by me all the way. My mom has been a blessing to me, she is far away but she know that I always need her and she is always there for me no matter what. My mom can aways tell when something is wrong without talking to me most of the time she calls and says Tash what's wrong and I feel really shocked. 

02/16/07 Well last nite was horrible I would some crab legs for dinner so my husband took me to Wal-mart to buy some, I ate one leg and I had the dump for over 2 hours.It really felt like my insides was closing down. I don't think that I was eating to fast, cause I'm really scared to do meats and I take my time I chew until it is nothing to do down.If anyone has had this same problem please email me

02/21/07 Today I was feeling down,so I weighed myself and I weighed 280 pounds and it made me feel better.I even tried on a pair of jeans that I could not wear before and guess what they fit.Thank God !

02/25/07 Well as of Friday I was 1 month out and I have lost 49 pounds on my scale.I have my 1 month appointment on Tuesday with the doctor so I will see what they have to say.I know that I have not been exercising like I should,but it is kind of hard with being back to work full time.I will write back to let everyone know how my appointment goes. 

3/27/07 Well it has been a while since I have updated my page everything is going great. My family and I went to Sea World 2 weeks ago and it was great. I rode on 3 roller coasters and it felt great, had no problems with none of the rode.We walked all day and I was not tired at all. Well I will update again real soon just came of a 2 1/2 mile walk and my throat is real dry see yall soon.    

3/28/07 Well I went to the gym and had a hard workout.I remember when exercise was not me but my new life is really great,my workout was about 1 1/2 and then the girl and I went into the sonna that was great.I will wirte again later.

3/29/07 Well I'm on my way to the gym again so all of yall pray for me, I know that when you start something new it just last for a short time so maybe when I see the affects ffrom the gym I will keep going.I have been at a stand still with me weight form a about week now so I'm trying really hard to fix it. If anyone has some good reciepes please feel free to send them to me. I know that my weight lose will be better if I eat all the right foods, it seems that all I eat are the same foods and they make me depressed so I know that I need a change. I know that something that may be working for someone else might work for me.Thank-you and God Bless 

05/14/07 Well yesterday I had a WOW moment my husband have on me about going shopping and yesterday was the day. Well I was looking at some size 20 pants and they really look like they were cut small so I tried them on and soon as I put them on they fell down, so I then went to some more pants and I told my husband that I was going to try on another but they only had a size 16 so I told him that it was no way that they were going to fit me and guess what they did and for the first time since I had surgery it was well worth it.Please keep praying for me cause I need it everyday.God Bless 

05/20/07 Hello everyone sorry that I have not been keeping in touch, but I have been going to the gym and doing my thing.The surgery has changed my life in so many ways and I have God to thank for that.The beautiful person that was trapped inside is finally coming out and it scare me sometimes I'm changing everything about myself.I will be posting more pictures soon that everyone can see the changes.Till next time God Bless   

7/12/07 Well I'm sorry that I have not posted in a couple of months, but I have been really busy. Well I have been on vacation for the last past 2 weeks and it was great everyone in my home town was really amazed
everyone had something too say and had so many questions. While I was gone I lost 10 more pound and I was not even exercising while I was gone cause we stayed so busy the whole time I was gone. For the first time I was really filling like a the loving person that I am.I go to my 6 month appointment in 2 weeks so I will be glad to let the doctor see me.I know that I have a long way to go till I reach my goal but, I'm on my way.Until next time be Blessed.       

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