Emotional Rollercoaster

Aug 17, 2014

As my surgery day approaches, I have become increasingly nervous and scared about my journey.  On top of that, my emotions continue to fluctuate constantly.  One minute, I'm excited about benefits that surgery will bring, but the next I'm scared to death about going under the knife. Over the last couple of days, I've come close to deciding not to go through with surgery because I'm afraid of something going wrong.  I know that the degree of anxiety about WLS varies with each person, but my fear and anxiety is at an all time high.  In all honesty, I believe that a lot of my emotional issues stem from caffeine and sugar withdrawal.  I'm into day 6 of my pre-op diet with consists of 3 protein shakes, one meal, and fluids.

At 363 pounds, I know that if I don't do something to lose weight and better my health I'm putting myself at risk.  I have a husband and three children that love and need me and I don't want to be away from them for something that I have control over.  Because of my BMI, I have to have an IVC filter placed on Friday (8/22) to reduce my risk of getting blood clots.  When I learned the process for inserting and removing the filter, I wasn't a happy camper.  Honestly, the IVC filter scares me more than the WLS.

I would appreciate any advice about how to stay positive during this transitional time in my life. 


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