What's Been Happening?

Feb 25, 2009

Well, the answer to that question is LIFE.  It seems like that is my answer for everything now a days.  My life is still utterly magnificent now that I have gone through all of these changes - physically, mentally, and socially.

My body feels like it has fully healed up from having plastic surgery.  No bad issues/concerns to report (knock on wood).  Physically, I am working out like a fiend.  I lift weights continuously and I now do a full out run (run - not walk some and then run some - big difference) of at least 2 miles every day except for Sunday.  A year ago I never would have thought that this would be tangible or even possible.  What a difference from then and now - holy cow. 

I am maintaining a pretty normal lifestyle now in terms of food I eat and incorporating those eating habits into my personal life with my family - both at home and out in restaurants.  I feel really normal now - for the longest time I never thought I would get to this point because I thought I would have so many diet restrictions - little did I know.  My body is maintaing a constant weight now of about 224-230 = anywhere from a 137 to 143 pound weightloss.  I have put some weight on from my previous low of about 217, but I am actually attributing that weight gain to muscle mass.  I feel solid as a rock.  My clothes keep getting smaller = waist is now 36-38 (it used to be 38-40) inches even though I have put on about 7-16 pounds.  I am happy as can be.  I feel like when summer rolls around, I will get back down to that weight of 217.  If not that is okay.  I am no longer so focused on a number like in the earlier stages of my weightloss.  I am aware of my weight in terms of a number, but it really is irrelavent as compared to my clothes and how they fit, as well as how I see myself in the mirror.  I love how I look now and that is a far cry from how I felt about my body image just 6-10 months ago.  

In closing, I have my one year follow up with Dr. Givens on 3/3/2009.  I look forward to that moment.  I thank God everyday for giving me a second chance with my health, my quality of life, and the opportunity to be around so much longer now for my kids and my wife.



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