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Aug 20, 2008

My name is Trisha Petersen and I am 28 years old. I wish that that was all I needed to say to introduce my self but I have to add that I am currently 386 lbs and at 5’8” that gives me a BMI of 59, super morbidly obese. I have been defined all of my adult life and most of my adolescence as the “cubby kid” or the “obese” adult. I am ready to be defined as a person instead of a number whether it be BMI or LBS. I have been over weight since I was 13 years old, I knew at that time that this was something taking over me and I could not control it. When I was 16 I started my first of many failed attempts to regain my health. I started with weight watchers then tried the Subway diet and misc. other diets only to fail time and time again. I realized that surgical intervention is my only hope to get my feet steady enough to regain control. I started this pursuit to save my life when I was 18 years old. I began saving money for the gastric by-pass procedure, to help in my weight loss attempts. In the meantime I tried the 40-30-30 diet, the Atkins diet and several others not pertinent enough to mention. After 4 years, of this yo-yo dieting and saving $5000 dollars I became pregnant with my daughter, Ema, she is now five. If you have kids then you know there is no such thing as a savings for yourself because your life then becomes about them and what is best for them. This put my hopes of by-pass surgery on hold.  In the years to follow my daughters birth I have tried several attempts to lose weight on my own, this time I had some success with Weight Watchers losing about 65 lbs in 8 months. But like every other diet I have tried I was unable to stick to it and regained all of the weight I lost plus an extra 65lbs. I tried a hypnosis tape that did absolutely nothing for me; I tried Trim spa and Slim fast, all yielding little to no results. I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful husband whose insurance believes that bariatric surgery is a life saving tool and did not exclude it from their policy. I am ready to take this step, I feel like if I don’t do something about this now it is only a matter of time before the co- morbidities, that I am not suffering from now, sneak up on me and either take my life or severely hinder my quality of life. As a finished result of this life changing decision I will be happy if I can just play with Ema at the park or go for a bike ride. I want to be able to play tennis with my best friend again and go to an amusement park and actually ride on the rides. I am very realistic about what the outcome could be, I don’t expect to have the body of a super model, or shop in the juniors section, I just want my lively hood back.             I am blessed to be a Christian and have that positive influence and support, along with my close friends and family. I have several friends who have had by-pass surgery and I have been fortunate enough to see them go through this not only physical but emotional change. They are more alive and seem to enjoy life more than they did before. I want that to and I am willing to work hard to get there.

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