9 Months Post Op

May 09, 2014

I'll be traveling on the business the next 2 weeks, and away from a scale and tape measure on my actual 9 month surgiversary, so did my numbers today, May 10.  I weigh 115lbs, only a 2lb loss in the past month, for a total weight loss of 82lbs, all post op loss, as I didn't have a pre op diet requirement.  I've been upping my total calorie intake to figure out how much I can eat for maintenance.  This past month, I have been averaging 973 calories a day over this past month.  So I likely will need to stick to around 1000 calories a day in order to maintain this weight loss, or up my exercise.  I get on the treadmill nearly every day - about 30-45 minutes at 3.8 mph and 1.5 incline.  This past week, I have been running at 4.2 for part of this time.  Even though I didn't lose a lot this month, I did lose 4.25 inches overall.  This brings my total inches lost to 60.5".  I am very pleased with this progress in just 9 month.  I do very well with my vitamins and liquids, and really setting goals every week around food and fitness.  Food is because I seem to be eating too many Quest protein bars (I use them as my sweet treats), and now Skinny Pop popcorn to curb my chewing cravings.  I really think these are the reasons my weight has also slowed - due to taking in more carbs.  But this is a journey, and so far, I am handling it ok.  Maintenance has always been a struggle for me in the past, with my weight loss efforts - I seem to get bored with reading the same number on the scale.  So I am looking for others ways to show 'success', that will satisfy me as much.  I am still searching - but this month, I had to take in more pants, and I bought XS tops, so this is sort of a success.  I currently wear size 0 pants and usually a S top, sometimes XS. 

I am flying out today - will be in CA for a 2 week business trip.  This is my last trip, as I am retiring effective July 5.  When I return from this trip on May 23, I will work 3 more days, then take the entire month of June off on vacation, and retire into the sunset with happy memories of a 34 year career with Chevron.  A great company to work for, and I'm very proud they kept me as long as they did.  I have traveled the world with Chevron, and feel blessed with the opportunities they have afforded me.

Until Month 10, I wish all of my readers and successful and joyful month.


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