11 Months Post Op

Jul 13, 2014

Well - it's been a not so good month.  I am up 4lbs, to 116lbs as of this morning.  I have started to binge eat, and have tried all of my trigger foods, like cookies, chips, peanut butter, crackers, ice cream - you get the picture.  I am on a carb overload.  Today is a new day, and I am committed to this lifestyle and have set goals to not only get these lbs off, but get help around my head issues.  I am going to call my NUT on Monday, and ask if insurance might pay for me to see a behavioral therapist to help me.  If not, I will likely pay out of pocket just to get some help on how I can overcome these urges to binge.  Years ago, in my early 20's thru my 30's, I lived with both anorexia and bulimia, and overcame these with some therapy.  Now, I feel so good about my WLS choices, that I have lost the weight, and I don't want my head issues to get out of control.  I vow never to regain this weigh. 

I wrote goals for the week in my journal, and I am going to post these goals in a visible place in my house in order to remind myself of my own commitments.  I am also going to post my before and current after pic to also remind myself of how much happier I am now, versus 11 months ago. 

So for those just starting out, WLS is not a do all, end all.  Yes, you will lose the weight, and maintenance is really hard, and boring, but we have to do the work every hour of every day, and commit to this healthy lifestyle in order to keep the weight off long term.

I am committed to being able to post a much better picture of my success on my 1 year Surgiversary.  Until August, I wish you all a very gratifying month. 


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