1 year Post Op

Aug 13, 2014

1 year ago, I woke up from surgery without my crap band, but with a whole new opportunity to get healthy with RNY.  Since then, I have lost more than what I wanted to lose, got off blood pressure meds, started exercising and have never felt better.  I don't have any reflux, and other than sugar, don't really have any food intolerances.  This is a good thing - I don't throw up or get things stuck, but it's also a bad thing - I have slowly introduced some of my trigger foods back into my diet, which sets off binges and cravings.  I am working on getting back on a strict plan and dropping the lbs I have gained over the past 6 weeks.  I am owning my deviations, and realize that I am happier being on a protein forward plan and eliminating the bad carbs, and I work on this every day.  So today I have to own an 11 lb weight gain - I am 123lbs today.  I have a plan to work off this weight and get back to 112lbs.  I write in my journal nearly daily, and set goals for myself every Sunday.  I use MFP app to track and log all of my food, liquids and exercise, and I usually get a workout in 5x a week.  I have let these habits slip over the past 6 weeks, and know that I have to be very disciplined and continue to practice these habits every day, for the rest of my life.  So I guess that this is confirmation that if we don't follow our plan, even with our WLS tool, we can gain the weight back.  Another thing I am doing is seeking help for my urges to binge, since I did have an eating disorder 20 plus years ago.  I'm afraid that some of the emotional junk that threw me into my disorder is starting to raise it's ugly head and cause me trouble again.  So I know what I NEED to do to feel better and lose the weight, it's just the act of DOING that sometimes trips me up - but I'm not giving up.  One day at a time.  Until next month.



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