18 Months Post Op

Feb 13, 2015

Today is 18 months since my revision surgery.  Not much has changed since my last blog entry, so I will make this short.  I am still trying to get back to basics and lose my regained weight.  Today I weigh 130lbs, and this is totally unacceptable to me.  I have maintained my exercise regimen thruout this journey, but have allowed head hunger to rule my eating behaviors, which includes eating simple carbs, grazing all day, and unplanned snacking.  I do still use MFP and weigh my food during meal time.  So I am now focusing on getting my snacking and mindless eating under control.  I have decided to weigh myself daily and hold myself more accountable, even though daily weight changes can throw me into emotional turmoil.  For instance, yesterday I weighed 129, and today 130.  But it does force me to address why, and act on changing today, not next week.  I will post new pics of what I look like today.


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