19 months Post Op

Mar 13, 2015

Today celebrates 19 months since I had my revision from lapband to RNY.  I couldn't be happier with this decision.  I have, however, allowed old, bad habits to creep back in, and now I am faced with a 21 lb gain from my low weight of 112 lbs.  Today I weigh 133lbs.  I exercise regularly, which is great, but I am eating simple carbs like chips and crackers, and I graze from 3-bedtime.  Both habits are attributing to this gain.  I also have started drinking water while grazing, so this habit also has to be eliminated.  Today, I commit to a healthier, bariatric eating plan and lifestyle.  I don't like feel uncomfortable in my clothes, and I am starting to feel my self-confidence dwindle based on this weight gain.  I am looking forward to Summer and being able to wear all the cute clothes I bought last year, and do not want to have to buy a bigger size clothes for this Summer.  I am still very grateful for this surgery, and I am healthier than I have ever been since my teenage years.  I wouldn't change a thing!!  Today, I still wear a size S top and a tight 2, comfortable size 4 pants.  Last Summer, my clothes were a Size 0, so I have some work to do!!  I want to lose 21 lbs by July 4.  I know if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish this goal.  One day at a time!!

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