Frvsnt O. 16 years, 4 months ago

Well, it’s official! You’re on the losing side. The trumpets are blaring, the cymbals are crashing and the drums are drumming – all for YOU! I hope that all went well for you! You’ve been out of surgery now almost 2 months – YIPPIE!!! Your journey will have moments to “pause” – I’d like to impart some words of wisdom for when it does occur - remember these wise words whispered by Confucius – “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” Be patient. You didn’t put it on over night, it won’t come off over night (DARN IT!)… RNY 10/31/03 – down 82 pounds!!! Good luck! - btw - pretty profile!!!

SherryWeber 16 years, 5 months ago

Hi Debra! Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Blessed Be!

MommaAngel 16 years, 5 months ago

HI DEBRA I just want you to know that I am praying that everything will go smooth as you journey to the healthy life.LORD BLESS
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