For as long as I can remember I have been fat. I was always "the fat girl" in school. Not many friends. Very shy. Super low self esteem. Only had a few friends in high school and they were fat too. I always felt like I had to hang with the fat girl club because then I was equal. I generally would befriend girls that were bigger than me so I felt And when I met my best friend Sandie, I knew why! She was very pretty and skinny. I felt like a whale next to her. But she was a true friend and has never cared about what Ive weighed. We were always together until we got married and had kids. I havent talked to her in 6 months. She lives in my hometown in GA and doesnt have a phone. I cant wait until she sees me after I have surgery! She doesnt know anything about me getting it! Well, the more I grew up the bigger I got. Then as an adult my weight would go up and down generally within a 10lb window. Most of the time at the upper end. After I had my 3rd child I went from 236lbs to 210! I was sooo happy, but alas, I have steadily gained it back. Even though I tried so hard to keep it off! What a bummer! I had been running 3-7 miles a day on my treadmill, but only would lose 3 or so pounds and gain back 4 or 5! Cant imagine what Id look like if I did nothing! I have since gotten depressed and stopped running...if it's not doing any good--why do it? So Now Ive decided to get WLS. I had read up on it 3 yrs ago after the birth of my 2nd child, but hubby begged me not to get it. Now he supports me in "whatever I choose to do". He's such a good man! Smart He and my children are my life. I want to be here for them in every way. They are the main reason why I want to get this done. I want to be able to run and play with my kids and go out with my husband. Right now I am totally socially withdrawn. He hates it when he has to go to cook outs by himself! I hate going to cookouts and getting stared at! Anyway...I feel a sense of relief knowing everything will be OK. Soon I hope!

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