Over 2 Years out and still loving it!!

Feb 22, 2010

Ok so here I am over 2 years out. Im still around 135 to 140. I really wish I could get a tummy tuck and breast implants, but I just cannot afford it right now. I think my stomach looks like a hound dogs face..lol.. But at least I can hide it pretty well. Im happy with myself for the most part. Im actually living life instead of watching everyone around me live it. I have divorced and then went through a relationship with my first love...Ive know him since I was 13 and we had dated then for 6 years. So I found him again and ealized he wasnt everything I had remembered him being. So he had to go...lol. I went for some time just being alone...but surrounding myself with people. Having a blast. When I stopped lookin for love it found me. Josh and I have been together for almost a year and looking at the two of us you would swear we got together last week. We are so much in love its sickening sometimes...lol. BUt he is so good to me and such a sweet person...and he SEXY too!!! Ill have to get a pic of him on here. He thinks hes ugly but I assure you he is not...
So thats me now....same ole gal...different body...and WAY more fun!!
Peace out peoples!

Still doing good!!

Mar 31, 2008

So I guess Im fornutate! Nothing makes me sick, I can eat pretty much whatever I want.. except the obvious. I havent even tried those. Not brave enough...or stupid enough..whichever you prefer. Im very comfortable in a 16 now!! And I LOVE heels now that I can wear them without killing myself!! Life is gooood!!! 

My wow moment!

Feb 17, 2008

I can finally get into a size 16..WOW! Didnt say they were comfortable, but I can get them buttoned! YAY!! How many ways can I say my Dr. is the man!!??

One week out!

Feb 06, 2008

Ok so Im one week out. And I have alot of head hunger. Ive lost at least 20lbs.. Not sure exactly. I had some pain, but not what I would say the worst. It was hard getting up and down out of bed and such. But it gets better everyday. My JP tube is bumping my diaphram so I am very uncomfortable and my left lung is partially collapsed. It hurts a lot. Once this JP tube is out (tomorrow) Ill feel much better. I just cant take a deep breath because of the discomfort. Cant wait to see my surgeon tomorrow! Im ready to get this out. Other than that I think he is totally hot!! lol. HEY!! I can look right??
Anyway, I thought Id update since I had surgery. If you have any questions, ask! You will certainly get a "fo sho" answer..no sugar coating here!

Ok so they changed my date..Grrr...

Jan 08, 2008

Well They changed my date to the 30th. Im not happy about it to say the least. Although when I was talking to the surgeons nurse I was very polite and reassured her it was OK. But I was pissed. Oh well ...what do you do? Cant change it! SO Im not that mad anymore...just bummed out. My friend that was having hers the day after me..the 22nd got hers moved to the 9th! LUCKY!! Maybe its for the better. Who knows? Good news is that I stopped smoking!! YAY! Its still hard especially at night. But I know I can do it.   

I have a date!! Jan. 21st!!

Dec 07, 2007

So Dec. 6th I met my surgeon, Dr. Hachem. He is wicked cool. He is very confident and competent. So I have much faith in him. And I GOT A DATE!! Yay!! Its Jan. 21st. Not as close as Id like, but Ill take it! 
My pre-op testing is Dec 21st. Well, it looks like Im on my way!
Finally... I cant wait to get it done and get that part over with. Im having a hard time not smoking and have slipped back into having about 3 a day ...anyone have any suggestions? Anyway..Ill keep you all updated and thanks for the letters! Very encouraging!

And wait some more....GGGRRRRRR!

Oct 29, 2007

Ok so I called Liv LIte thismorning and they said the earliest they could see me was Dec 6th at 10:30...grrr. So that means Ill be having surgery right around Christmas time. I sure hope not. I wont have anyone to help me. My MIL is supposed to come the week before Thanksgiving and leave right before Christmas. She cant come back in Jan. SOOOO what to do? Pam at LL said I may be able to get in sooner if someone cancelled got rescheduled or some other reason like that. So maybe this will happen! Keep your fingers crossed for me. As we all know Im not the most patient person in the world..lol. But Im learning how to deal. So anywho... I guess it would be a great Christmas gift huh? lol. Well Im off to clean my messy house!! KIDS!! Cant live with them and your hubby wont let you give them away...lol. Gotta love them though. Someone has to. My house surely does not!

Oh so Anxious!!

Oct 27, 2007

I was sitting here looking at Before and After pics (im addicted to them) and I feel as excited as I did waiting for my children to be born. It kind of the same concept too! Except this time Im waiting for the new me to be born. I wonder what Ill look like and what Ill do with the new me. Go back to school? What will I become? I wondered the same things about my kids too. Ive never been thin so I cant say "I wanna be that AGAIN" because Ive never seen myself thin. Neither has anyone else...lol. I guess we will just have to wait and see...

So I got approved for Open, but I wanted LAP!!

Oct 26, 2007

OK well I only got approved for Open surgery. I need it done LAP because I have no help with hubby being deployed. My MIL is coming for a couple weeks to help, but she cant stay longer than that! SOOO what do I do?? What I always do...Throw a fit and get my way! LOL

NAH!! Just kidding, kinda. I didnt throw a fit, just asked the Ladies at Liv Lite to submit a request for a change to LAP. I was told by Tricare that it would take another 60 days to get it approved, but I guess she didnt know what she was talking about (surprise, surprise) because it only took 3 days.  YAY! But I AM approved for LAP! Im sooo happy. Today while looking at before and after pics, I started crying..I think it was a relief cry..lol. Its finally working out and I dont have to stress approval anymore. Now...If everything ELSE is OK...hmmmm...


Oct 19, 2007

Im approved! Ive been waiting so long for this! Not as long as many of you have, but it seems like forever! Im sooo very excited! Im also nervous at the same time. I wanna dance and puke, not sure which to do first! I havent told my hubby (he is in Iraq), but I cant wait to share the news! He will be very happy for me! Im hoping I can have it after Thanksgiving..lol. I wanna eat a good thanksgiving one more time! Im not really scared! But when I think about being afraid I look at all of your profiles and see how well everyone has done and say...I can do this too! My horse will thank me Im sure...lol. Not having to lug around 230lbs anymore, bless his heart! I want to thank all of you that have supported me and stayed in touch for updates! Thanks so much! I need all the support I can get! Well Im off to make phone calls! Ill post more on Monday after I get the full scoop from the amazing ladys at Liv-Lite!

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Still doing good!!
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One week out!
Ok so they changed my date..Grrr...
I have a date!! Jan. 21st!!
And wait some more....GGGRRRRRR!
Oh so Anxious!!
So I got approved for Open, but I wanted LAP!!