Over 2 Years out and still loving it!!

Feb 22, 2010

Ok so here I am over 2 years out. Im still around 135 to 140. I really wish I could get a tummy tuck and breast implants, but I just cannot afford it right now. I think my stomach looks like a hound dogs face..lol.. But at least I can hide it pretty well. Im happy with myself for the most part. Im actually living life instead of watching everyone around me live it. I have divorced and then went through a relationship with my first love...Ive know him since I was 13 and we had dated then for 6 years. So I found him again and ealized he wasnt everything I had remembered him being. So he had to go...lol. I went for some time just being alone...but surrounding myself with people. Having a blast. When I stopped lookin for love it found me. Josh and I have been together for almost a year and looking at the two of us you would swear we got together last week. We are so much in love its sickening sometimes...lol. BUt he is so good to me and such a sweet person...and he SEXY too!!! Ill have to get a pic of him on here. He thinks hes ugly but I assure you he is not...
So thats me now....same ole gal...different body...and WAY more fun!!
Peace out peoples!


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