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Apr 16, 2009

Can you believe it's been 14 months since surgery?  Life changes and more self esteem!!!  I had the courage to finally say enough is enough and now I am moving on.  I continue to run and train for my next goal, to run grandmas Marathon in Duluth this year.  I am maintaining my 130 lb weight goal.  Some days it's easier some days it's harder but this is not a journey for a couple of months or years this is a journey for a life time.  I am soo glad I have had the opportunity to meet a fantastic person who supports me, believes in family and loves to explore new avenues and adventures.  Nicole has been a huge inspiration to me by her excellent weight loss in 5 1/2 months along this same journey.  We keep each other in check and we thrive off of each others success.  Finally, I have found out what it truley means to be loved and to give love.  This something I thought I new.  But I really didn't.  With that being said remember always follow the rules.  If you feel like you are straying call one of us!!!  Heck call of email me.  I have been through alot and i might just have some good advice to share with you. Remember life is too short to be angery- Go forth and spread the joy and love that you have deep inside.



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