My story isn't much different than all the others here.  I am a mother of a 21 year old son and a 19 year old daughter.  I am have been married to a great man for 24 years.... I have battled with my weight for my entire life. I did the Atkins diet and did great,,, until I decided to eat like a normal person and gained it all back and then some..  I did weight watchers and I did just that, watched my weight go up and down like a yo-yo.  I m tired physically and mentally of this battle and decided that it was time to shoot for bariatric surgery.  My family is very supportive of me and for that I am most grateful. My friends are as well.... there are those  that don't think that I need this, but they have never lived a day in my shoes.  They do not understand all the little things about obesity that I have endured my entire life.  The "little things"  I call them. I know that journey will not be easy, but nothing great comes easy,I learned that through marriage.  I want to look forward to growing old with my husband and not fear all the health issues that stand before me now. Please keep me in your prayers as I start this new life.

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