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Aug 03, 2017

Hi Everyone, I decided to be an active participant on this site instead of a watcher.  I have been lurking in the background reading about all of your weight loss journey's, and cheering everyone on. I'm feeling a bit frustrated with the amount time spent waiting to meet a surgeon.  I have completed all of the required appointments, and have been given the go ahead for surgery.  I'm going to be having it done @ St. Joe's in Hamilton. It has been a heck of a long journey, and I cannot wait to take the next step to getting healthy, and active.  Right now what I have the most issue with is feeling like there is 2 people inside my head.  The one who comes up with great ideas about what to do on a sunny day, and the other who analizes it to death  stressing about the distance between benches, and back pain, and  what if's, and how's that almost always keep me feeling trapped in this body.  I have begun taking my vitamins , and supplements, and eating way healthhier than ever before. I know I am ready to get this tool to aide in my weight loss goals.

Anyway , I hope evryone is having a great day !


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