ReCap of my past 9 months

May 29, 2009

I've had a few people on my online boards asking how I've done so well in the past nine months so I thought I'd recap what I've been doing. So. First, we do all lose weight at different rates,etc. Any weight lose is gone forever and is a success. Do be proud of yourself.

Next are my little rules for myself.

Protein, Fiber and water water water!!! All three will fill you up, fill you up faster and stay full longer. Plus it's healthier! Fiber One products and Kashi/TLC products are very healthy.Wasa and Rye Crisp products in place of bread. Nuts-fiber and protien but watch the fat and sodium.  Pistachios and cashews are the best source! Cottage cheese is high protien and greek yogurt as your binder for tuna, etc. You can use Crystal light in water if you're not a big water drinker. I also use Biggest Loser Protien-vanilla and chocolate in my coffee in the am in place of creamer. Splenda with fiber is a great supplement. Eliminate as much white sugar and white flour as possible. If the first ingredient is white or processed flour and not Whole grain.. it's not good for you. Dark in color veggies are very high fiber. Careful with fruits and the sugars if you are diabetic but they are high fiber sources.

I have tried my best to follow the Bandster rules of eating, stopping eating, portion size, etc. found on smartbandsters yahoo group,,, etc all have those rules.

I read postings constantly. Smartbandsters I read Jesse Ahroni's recaps. She's a 10 year lapband pioneer and lapband nurse/tech who lost 100% of her weight, has kept it off. She pulls no punches and is very to the point. No whining or crying with her. She'll tell you exactly why you (the posters) are not losing weight or at a plateau, etc. No excuses with her. That's what I needed personally. My family gives me that support too. A year ago, I would have run to my room-with the cookies-- and cried. But now, I believe in and need that tough love. Do I really need that "treat"? My treat is losing the weight. Getting smaller clothes. Looking better, being healthier, living longer.

I have three magazines I read cover to cover OH magazine from, WLS lifestyles, and SELF magazine. All have great articles. Plus I pick up and read (and watch) everything that pretains to weight lose, people losing weight, WLS that I can get my hands/eyes on. Biggest Loser anyone!! It's a motivator!! Gives me new work out and nutrition tips..... oh!!!

And lastly but also most importantly-deal with the emotions of eating. Why are you eating? Because it's "time"? Are you really truly hungry? Stress? Upset? Bored? Head Hunger? You "deserve" it? Write a blog, journal, call a friend, play an online game, do a sudoko, read a book, go for a jog, yoga, just breathe. Anything is better than stuffing our emotions. We all did something, had some excuse- or two or three or more- to get where we were at. Deal with those issues.

You are number one. Being healthy is your number priority. Some form of exercise is a top priority. Nutrition education is top priority. You are a beautiful person and deserve this. Your relationships, children, family and everything else will fall into place if you make all the others I mentioned your priority.

Make small goals. Make lifestyle changes one change at a time. To do it all at once is too overwhelming.  Life change is about attitude change.  You're not going to change your life until you change your attitude.

Good luck to you and to everyone.

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