Meeting another goal

Jun 23, 2009

When we are all feeling frustrated, stuck, down and unsure about our little tool
called the band... remember. Nothing tastes as good as skinny (or being thinner
anyway) feels!!!

I am finally meeting a goal of wearing a bathing suit in public.

For a woman, that's a big deal! Not a swim dress, not with a tshirt over it! A
real two piece (okay not bikini don't get to excited for me!) bathing suit. In a
size 12-bottoms anyway. My "top" is bigger, **clear throat** this is dual
gender group. But that's only at a 14/16

I'm am beside myself!!! I'm off to Schlitterbahn with our Youth Group that we
mentor and yes I'm brave enough to wear it with those skinny minny young things!

So keep little things like this in mind, guys and girls, as we face our battles
and demons called food and emotions. Cause wow! what a feeling!

Reminds me I don't want to "find" what I've lost in pounds. But I love finding
the the new me-and so does my hubby!

Best Wishes to all
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