another overdue update.

Jan 08, 2010

7 months post op and i'm 105 lbs gone... im a size 14..i'm officially 177 lbs and its great.. my goal is to lose another 50 lbs... and i'd really love to pull it off by my one year surgiversary. wish me luck.

months and months later

Sep 29, 2009

im so terrible about keeping up i rarely even check this site ...tsk tsk tsk..
well onto the news.. im officially 75 lbs gone forever... my surgery was may 18th.

Finally Post-op!

May 31, 2009

May 18th was my official surgery date, i havent gottent o a computer until now, its officially june first and i couldnt be happier i'm still in some pain and tomorrow will be two weeks post op, so i'm right on schedule i think.
Im walking 30 minutes everyday and if i can i try to get on a stationary bike as well. cardio is important to me and i really want to do well in losing the weight, i know it comes off fast in the first few weeks... months even.. so i figure i'll help it along as much as i can.
I figure by a month post-op all my pain will be gone (i hope) then i'll be able to pick things up off the floor (which i cant do yet).. pick up my babies (my dogs) just all the things i need help doing. i'm used to being independant and self sufficient so this is different for me but i can handle it.
Im very lucky i had a very easy recovery, no gas pains, no really difficult healing issues.. i did throw up twice the first week but that was from the hospital giving me crushed medicine that just didnt agree with my stomach, it was dreadfully painful and i'm glad i never have to do that again.
anyways its 2 am and i should try to get some sleep, rest = healing. i'll try to update more now that i'm post -op.

WOW long time no blog!

Apr 16, 2009

so i havent blogged since Nov. and thats pretty much because nothing was happening.. finally fiinally i have a surgery date. May 18th is my tentative date which pretty much means they can postpone it if i dont lose what they want me to lose.
I have to go see the surgeon in 13 days.. for some post op stuff. this will be my second time seeing him. 278 is my weight now he'd like to see me down more when i got to see him and frankly so would i. I've been pretty much liquid dieting since i found out i have to see him in less then two weeks.. 4 protien shakes a day. and 2.2 litres of water..which is about 8 glasses. if i get too too growlie in the tummy then i have some cheese of chicken meat or something protien packed like that.
anyways now that i have these dates maybe i'll blog more often.



Nov 11, 2008

yay i got approval, now i just have to send the surgeons office my blood work and chest xray (and my moms too) and we'll get a surgery date, i'm hoping jan or feb.
our surgeon has agreed to do us both on the same day thats exciting.
I have to lose 15-20 pounds pre surgery, my mom has to lose 10.
i'm so excited i cant wait for a date!

10 days!

Oct 19, 2008

I read on a forum yesterday that I can get ODSP (Ontario disability support program) to pay for my travel, lodging, and meals for me and a companion (in this case my mother) down to michigan for my consult and for the actually surgery and I think for any other check ins and what have you. I'm supposed to bring my approval letter into ODSP and talk to my worker.
I'm on hold with the client service right now (they screen people so that the workers arent getting bombarded with nonsense calls all day), the crappy thing is these stupid client reps don't know anything about odsp every single time i call they never know the answer to what i ask and end up transfering me to my worker anyway.
so now i'm sitting here sighing impatiently I need to find out if i can fax my approval letter to them.
so thats that and i guess i'll have to wait and see.

13 days!

Oct 16, 2008

past the two weeks mark for the surgery consult, I don't want to get ahead of myself and start thinking i'm gonna get the green light but I can't help it. I really am prepared for this, as much as I possibly can be. I can't even imagine how ridiculously anxious i'm going to be for the actual surgery (if i get the go ahead)

2 weeks!

Oct 15, 2008

Yay 2 weeks until i got for my surgery consult, then i gues he'll decide if i'm a good candidate for the surgery or not, my anxiety is through the roof, i'm terrified he's going to tell me that since i don't have major co-morbidities like diabetes or high blood pressure that i'm not a good candidate.
Im about 150 lbs too heavy maybe more..
I'm 5'2 the BMI index says if i were 115 lbs i'd be mid- normal range. I'm going to aim for about 125-135 i think thats a healthier weight for me.
when i get to 150 (if i get surgery) i'll know my new body better and i'll have a better idea of what i really want my goal weight to be.
basically i want to be healthy, have more energy, and be more mobile.
I want to take up jogging, i want to be able to rollerblade and downhill ski again, play basketball,volleyball and tennis again.
I used to be very athletic and I really miss it, even if it has been a decade.
I hope having family history out the wazoo and a BMI of over 50 is enough to assure my approval.
If not..well I havent though of that yet because i'm trying to stay positive.

15 Days!

Oct 14, 2008

Wow am I a slacker! I haven't even checked my OH account in two weeks let alone come on here to post.
In my defense I did have a lil emergency when my furnace started blowing these noxious fumes all through my house forcing me to flee to the safety and comfort of my parents 2 hours away.
I have contractors at my house constantly renovating so it's nice to get away.
I will be back home in the city on the 18th by then it will be less then 2 weeks until my surgery consult.
I'll tell ya i'll be glad when november is here and I know if and when i'm getting surgery, this waiting game it just reeks havoc on my nerves, and I'm uber aware of everything I eat and drink now.
hmm i guess that goes with the territory though after surgery you have to be very aware of everything you eat and drink and Ive started early so that It won't be as big a shock to my system as It could be say if i hadnt quit eating junk or drinking cabonated beverages until the two weeks pre op diet.
I'm very glad i stopped eating those things months ago.

30 days!

Sep 29, 2008

went to my shrink appt today got on new meds for my anxiety i want to get my mind prepare for the extreme stress of losing the crutch that is food.
I've found two support groups in my city for wls and i intend to go to both to see which i like better or perhaps go to both if theyre on seperate nights, generally i'm not very into group therapy type things but i should try it.
I will also be checking in with a  mood and anxiety clinic that they have in this city see if they know of any one on one counciling either there or at another clinic.
I need to find out if my medication can be crushed or taken in liquid form, i also need to find out how long before i can take full pills again.
there is so much to buy in preperation baby spoons, sippy cups, small little appetizer plates, vitamins, shakes, pill box, storage containers, and much much more.
i need to make lists, lists make me feel better, lists are my friend.

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